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Teen Athletes: Injuries, Recovery, and Resilience with Jackson Pratte

  • 1 min read

The only thing most athletes hate more than losing is battling an injury. Just ask our CEO's son, Jackson Pratte. Jackson's a Senior this year at Mountain Ridge high school in Glendale. Senior year is supposed to be the best year, the climax, the record-breaking, leave-it-all-on-the-field exclamation point to athletics. And as a fierce rugby and football player, Jackson's had his heart set on wrapping up at Ridge with a bang.

Unfortunately, it's not the Arizona heat or an arch-rival high school that's been the biggest hurdle for Jackson, but rather a series of injuries and the rollercoaster that comes with them that have been the toughest. It started with a broken hand in the football offseason. Jackson dug deep, focused on his training and rehabilitation and healed in time for the early part of the season. Then, two games in, he broke his pinky, perhaps the most frustrating and minor (yet still debilitating) injury a rough and tumble football fanatic could land. 

So it's back to square one. Again.

We sat down with Jackson to understand how he's kept a cool head through it all, managed to still empower his team, and learn from his road to recovery. It's our hope that his commitment to nutrition, supplements, healing, emotional fortitude and more can be an inspiration to other high school and aspiring athletes out there. 

 Watch below: