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Slay Your Stress This April With These 4 Tips

  • 3 min read
Does the title of this post make your heart race? Do your hands get a little clammy? Do you feel that thud, thud, thud growing larger in your chest?

Stress is crazy like that.

It creeps in like a cloud and then overshadows your entire view of things. And that's only the beginning, stress can negatively influence your judgment, compromise your immune system, negatively impact your metabolism and sleep cycles, and a whole lot more. Stress leads to anxiety and worry, it can slip into irritability and depression, and it can just leave you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders.

So let's band together to tackle this Goliath. Let's use Stress Awareness Month (April) as a means to fight back and reclaim our peace of mind. Let's remember that stress, properly leveraged, can be a terrific fuel for change, progress and growth. Let's slay stress big time.

1) Turn the jitters into forward motion
You may notice that work stress, life stress and other anxieties in your life trigger a jittery sensation throughout your body. It's all part of the hormonal and adrenal surges going on within. If you're looking for liberation, turn those odd sensations into concerted workouts, runs, cardio and more. The physical exertion may free your body of the pent up tension and propel you through a workout like never before. Best of all, you'll get the Endorphine kick at the end!

2) Serenity through supplements
Like we said before, stress can really do a number on your body and deplete your system of key vitamins and nutrients along the way. Fight back with products like our revolutionary Stress Away that not only curbs the negative effects of stress, but restores your body with helpful B and C vitamins.

3) Practice gratitude, visualization and breathing
It's often been said that sadness and guilt look backward, gratitude and joy look at the present, and anxiety and stress look ahead. In other words, stress is often the byproduct of overanalyzing the hypothetical future - things that have yet to, or may not even occur. If you can center yourself once or twice a day to reflect on your relationships, your health, your home, your hobbies and anything else that brings you joy, you'll better remain in the present. Another phenomenal practice is that of BLOCK breathing. Simply inhale to the count of 4, hold for 4, exhale to the count of 4, hold for 4, and so on. This easy exercise can help to calm your nerves and wandering mind.

4) Control what you can and free what you cannot
Stress isn't entirely bad. It's the body's natural response to perceived threats. The negativity comes in how it's triggered based on things in life we've given tremendous merit. To really free yourself from stress you may have to do a very honest, self-audit of the mountains and molehills throughout your day. You may need to give challenges proper weight relative to your values and priorities. In other words, you should not be crippled by every little change, update or hurdle that comes your way. Impact and inform what you can and allow the things you cannot control to go their course. They're going to anyway, so you may as well maintain your peace of mind.

Do your part to slay some stress this month and invite others along the way. Here's to finding yourself better balanced, more joyful and present!