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Why Traveling is Good for your Soul

  • 3 min read


Do you have a never ending list of dream destinations that you want to visit? I know I do. We see pictures on social media of dreamy beaches, towering forests, and thrilling cities and just can’t help but catch a strong case of wander lust. We make up all these reasons why we shouldn’t travel; it costs too much money, we can’t take the time off work, it’s too stressful to plan and coordinate, you name it. But these are all empty excuses. Did you know that traveling can actually be a really good thing?


Instead of telling yourself that travel isn’t worth it, read these six reasons why traveling the world is good for you.


1.     Educational

Have you ever heard someone say that experiencing something firsthand will teach you way more than any textbook could? Well, it’s true. Being able to taste fresh, local cuisine, have conversations and interactions with natives, and see landmarks with your own two eyes is absolutely priceless. It is nowhere near the experience you get from reading words on a page or through a computer screen.

2.     Change of scenery

Routine is great, it helps us to be consistent and productive in our everyday lives. But it is also beneficial to break out of that routine every once in a while and do something exciting. Seeing new places can bring a fresh sense of joy to our lives.


3.     Increased confidence

When traveling you tend to be more open to trying new things, whether that be an interesting meal or an exhilarating activity, it is a way for us to find out more about who we are. When you learn something new about yourself it increases your confidence and can encourage you to continue trying new things even in your everyday life.


4.     Connections

Ask almost anyone who has traveled and they will say that they made some sort of meaningful connection while traveling. Some of the best friendships come from unlikely circumstances. You just have to be open to starting conversations and being genuine and see where it takes you. 


5.     Life experience

There is so much to learn from traveling. It teaches you responsibility, social skills, healthy prioritizing, how to serve others, and to value the little things in life. Having a home base that is familiar to go back to is really great, but the lessons that can be learned from people and places around the globe are absolutely priceless.


6.     Inspires creativity

Now, keep in mind that being creative does not necessarily have to mean being artistic. It can simply mean that it opens your mind to the countless opportunities around you and help you to make the most of every moment. Maybe for you being creative means getting resourceful with your cooking, or gaining an interest in a new genre of books, movies, or music. There are so many ways to be creative and travel is one of the best ways to explore them.


Now that you have proof of the benefits of traveling, take that list you have of your dream destinations, pick out the one on top, and make the trip happen! Don’t just sit around wanting an exciting life; travel the world, and become a better person in the process.