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Protein and Fiber Coconut Strawberry Lime Bars Recipe

  • 2 min read

We're a sucker for a good nutritional bar.

Especially when coconut and strawberry are involved. We scored this recipe from Maria at @purely_healthy_living and we were swooning for the taste and ALSO the nutrients in it. 


Showing your gut some love is incredibly important.

But that shouldn't come at the sacrifice of treating the tastebuds to something delicious is too. 

These bars are a really great way to get that extra boost of fiber that we all need.

Only a whopping amount of 5 percent of American's are receiving the adequate amount of recommended fiber on a daily basis. ONLY 5%. That’s wild. 

On average, adolescents and adults are only consuming about 50 percent of their needs.

This is a huge problem.


Fiber is important for a number of body processes like:

1. Managing Digestion 

Having a low fiber diet will lead to constipation. Eating enough fiber on a regular and consistent basis can lead to bowl regularity and success for kids and adults.

2. Improved Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels

A meal that is high in fiber will help slow down the digestion of food into the intestines - which slows blood sugar rise. 

3. It Helps Your Heart Health

A high fiber diet is connected with improved blood lipid levels. Soluble fiber (which can be found in this Daily Multi Fiber), reduces the risk of heart disease. Soluble fiber lowers bad cholesterol. 

4. Aids in Nutrient Intake and Satiety

Yep, that is right. There are other necessary vitamins and minerals that come with fiber. Also fiber keeps your full - which in turn helps with weight control. 


Well, this recipe is surely a win.

After eating about 10 of these bars, I figured I just had to share this recipe with our NB Pure fam. After all, something that tastes as good as it is healthy is a major win. 

The NB Pure fam kids have all said these are their favorite dessert bars. Not too shabby when you can make a healthy treat for the adults and the kids. 


Ingredients For The Base

2 Tsp. of Daily Multi Fiber

4 Scoops of Plant Protein+ 

1/2 cup of coconut flour

1/2 cup of coconut butter

1 1/2 cups of almond or coconut milk (hot)


Ingredients For The Top Layer

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1/2 cup of hot almond milk

1/2 cup of melted coconut butter

1/2 cup of shredded coconut

1 lime


The Method:

1. Mix all the ingredients for the base. Make sure to add the hot nut milk so the coconut butter doesn't get solid. Press the dough into an 8x8 silicone baking dish.

2. Warm up your frozen strawberries. Blend the strawberries and almond milk well. Add the coconut butter. Pour the mix on top of the base.

3. Top with shredded coconut. Freeze for 4 hours or more.

4. Cut into 9 pieces and enjoy.

Enjoy These Tasty Treats