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Love Your Liver this Thanksgiving

  • 2 min read

The turkey is sliced, and gravy is poured. You gather around the table with family and friends, glasses full of wine, maybe a cocktail, maybe a beer for the Thanksgiving toast.

Grandma's grateful for grandpa, the boys appreciate their last season and the team that played so well, Suzy's glad to be home from school for break, mom's happy she has such a wonderful home, Jim loves his new job and dad is thankful for this country... 

You toast to your liver, thankful that it's always there to help break down metabolic waste and that it always supports your new blood cells.

What Does the Liver Do and How Can You Protect It?
Ok, ok, this last part probably won't happen but with so many people thankful for their health this time of year, the liver is something that totally deserves credit. True, the body is an intricate network of collaborative systems and organs, but the liver stands apart as a truly crucial player when it comes to keeping you healthy. All the more reason to love your liver and make sure you're not drinking it into inflammation or fatty liver disease. In layman's terms, the liver plays a huge part in breaking down old or damaged cells - the kind of thing that happens naturally to everyone, but is especially accelerated in those who may be overweight, enjoy their alcohol or live an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle - the kind of thing that probably happens more when the whole family is off work and binging on football, desserts, strong drinks and whole lot of sitting around near the holidays.

So, whether you eat, drink, or take medicine, anything you consume will essentially pass through your blood cells and into your liver in its given time, at which point the liver will determine what to detoxify (and flush through urine or stool) and what to keep - like nutrients and other valuable things for the body. Understandably, the better you keep to healthy foods, water, and natural products, the less strain you'll put on your liver over time. 

That said, products like LiverFend are specially-formulated to help maintain proper liver function and health by cleansing and replenish the organ. Don't let toxins accumulate. Take a proactive step for your health and state with pride that you're grateful for your health and wellness this Thanksgiving.

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More Ways to Support Liver Health
In addition to taking all-natural LiverFend capsules, the following measures help promote optimal liver function:

  • Be mindful of cleaning products and never inhale aerosol fumes
  • Get a Hepatitis check
  • Drink responsibly and consume plenty of water
  • Maintain a healthy weight through plenty of exercise
  • Drink coffee. Yes, for real. It's a medical marvel of sorts, but coffee has been shown to fend off some liver diseases.
  • Eat grapefruit, berries and nuts
  • Get your omega-3s
  • Take it easy on Acetaminophen and explore other remedies