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How To Avoid Unwanted Stress This Thanksgiving

  • 2 min read

Let's be real for just a second. The Thanksgiving meal lasts what, maybe an hour, but it takes weeks of preparation. Every step of the way another chance for stress levels to reach an all-time high.

You're coordinating meals, running from store to store, cleaning the house, checking your remaining PTO - oh, and you realize last-minute that Sally who was going to bring the dessert is canceling. You get the picture because you've been here before. You stare down the Thanksgiving stress every year hoping maybe one day it'll change a bit so you can enjoy the holiday that much more.

While we can't promise we've found a way to avoid the awkward political banter with Uncle Jim, we do have some ideas on how to make Thanksgiving in your family a little less stressful in 2018.

1) Divvy it up: Just because you're hosting doesn't mean you have to prepare every last piece of the meal. Delegate sides, stuffing, beverages and more to others in the family. And if you're attending a meal elsewhere, be the kind of person who volunteers to bring a side rather than waiting to be asked.

2) Create a no-phone-zone: If you're traveling across the country or hosting family who's caravaning to your place, encourage a house rule this Thanksgiving to better cherish the special time together. Stick a bowl in the kitchen and invite everyone to drop off their phones for the day so nobody is stressed about outside distractions. Use Thanksgiving dialogue and company as a means of recharging and slowing down. Don't let technology be one more thing that adds friction or stress to your holiday experience.

3) Try Pure Vegan Stress Away: All-natural and packed full of B and C vitamins, our stress management capsules are a great resource before, during and after the holiday madness.

The B-Complex helps to make sure you've got the energy to tackle each day and Vitamin C is great for the immune system. Because let's face it, nothing makes the holidays more stressful than getting sick right in the swing of things.

4) Tag Team the clean up: Make a new tradition this year. Consider tapping your kids or the men of the house to break down the meal after everyone's enjoyed the delicious food. If you cook, they clean. Or vice versa. Again, see suggestion 1. Don't allow yourself to deliver Thanksgiving singlehandedly. Allow others to show their gratitude by lending a hand wherever you need it.

5) Treat Yo'self in the days to follow: Sometimes the best thing to do after hosting or attending an elaborate Thanksgiving is to give yourself some time to decompress. If you're still harboring stress after time with the in-laws, draw a bath, pour a glass of wine, start a puzzle or dive into a good book. Let the stress of the holidays fade into the background and allow yourself to zone out a bit. 

Let's face it, you have to take a breath while you can because the rest of the holidays are just around the corner. Here's wishing you and yours a beautiful (less-stressful) Thanksgiving this year!