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How To Keep A Flat Tummy All Summer

  • 3 min read

The summer months are the best time to show off that tight, toned body you've worked on all year. There are beaches and water parks and pools - perfect places to wear your favorite bathing suit. Bring on sun tans and sunglasses and cool drinks.

Unless, of course, you're feeling self-conscious about your weight or your body image or your tummy. We're talking to you. And we're talking to anyone who wants to look and feel their best this summer whether it's maintaining lean muscle mass, shedding some weight or just getting rid of that bloating sensation. Here's how to increase the likelihood and longevity of a flat tummy feeling in 3 simple steps.

1) MagO7 Digestive Cleanse and Detox
Gas? Bloating? Stomach discomfort? We've got just the thing.  

MagO7 is one of our most popular products to date. People love how gentle yet effective it is when it comes to removing unwanted debris from the intestinal tract. The stool softening effect is just one more added benefit.
Gas Bloating Stomach discomfort

This oxygenating digestive cleanse is a favorite for serious fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike, and is a go-to in spring and summer months as people hope to cut down on undesired tummy bulge and bloating.

2) Intermittent Fasting
Don't let the name scare ya. This approach isn't as bad as it sounds and is centered primarily on shortening your eating windows most days to maximize the fasts between. The goal is not to starve yourself. Far from it, actually. You still need to focus on quality meals, nutrients, and ingredients, but you'll pack them into 8 specific hours instead of randomly throughout the day. This may mean 4-5 mid-sized meals jam-packed into 8 hours instead of the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner model. Low sugar and low carb diets will also kick your body into fat-burning mode quite well.

Many people opt to skip breakfast and shift their eating hours from noon to 8pm or 11am to 7pm. You'll need to find a timeframe that best suits your work and exercise schedule. And yes, this means cutting out those late night sugar cravings and handfuls of chips. When you break the cycle you directly compromise the results.

As you consolidate your consumption, you'll trigger metabolic benefits that can help you trim belly and other unwanted weight rather quickly and effectively.

Be sure to drink plenty of water every day and consider a small cup of black coffee or quality tea in the mornings to curb the early hunger and treat yourself a bit without cutting corners on the calorie front.

3) Burpees and Planks
Unfortunately, there are no good shortcuts in the fitness game. Good, old fashioned hard work is always one of the best solutions if you want to look and feel your best.

We suggest burpees and planks for a few main reasons:

  • Neither requires any equipment, just your willpower, a floor and some time.
  • Both will immediately activate your core for some tight tummy action.
  • These exercises can be done in your bedroom, on the living room floor, at the hotel or on the beach. They're highly versatile.
  • Planks are extremely low impact and gentle on your joints while the more dynamic burpees will get your muscular and cardiovascular systems firing.
  • Burpees, especially, activate your entire body - legs, arms, back, core.

So grab your towel, sunscreen up and smile. These 3 practices can help you shine all summer long!