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What Every Dad Really Wants for Father's Day

  • 2 min read

We spend a lot of time searching and strolling stores, scrolling through websites and digging the deep corners of our memory to find that perfect gift for dad on Father's Day.

Is this the right golf club? Does he already have that book? What size shoe is he again? Is this the whiskey he loves or is that the right one? Does he really need another coffee mug? Did your brother buy him that two years ago? Will this just collect dust?

Your heart is in the right place. You just want to find a great symbol of the love you have for pops, but your head is spinning, scrutinizing and second-guessing every option.

We'd like to recommend something different this year. And you can't buy this gift, but we believe any dad will be incredibly moved to receive it.

You interested?

Write a letter that explores the following areas. Write it. Don't type it or text it. You're going to hand this to him on Sunday and watch his eyes light up...

1) Thank him for his example. Which specific things has he imparted on your family that make it better? Call them out and elaborate on how they 've improved your life, character or outlook.

2) Speak of his bravery. When was a time, big or small, that you saw the courage he lived out in the face of challenge, danger or uncertainty?

3) Highlight where he's grown or is growing. Many fathers bury personal struggles and shoulder the weight of the world. He'll be incredibly humbled and encouraged if you recognize the progress he's made or is making toward a better self.

4) Applaud him for what he DOESN'T do. Good habits are arguably as impactful as not developing bad habits. If he's made a conscious decision to avoid unhealthy foods, bad mindsets, poor habits  - it's cause for celebration.

5) Let him know he was never expected to be perfect, but there's no better father in the entire world for you. He's perfect for you.

6) Reflect on a time he made you believe you were more capable than you thought. Share how it's inspired you over and over again.

7) Celebrate his love for your family. Whether it's shared with you, your siblings, your mother, his partner, your in-laws, your step siblings... wherever his love has landed, thank him for giving it.

8) Speak of his creativity. Whether his casual guitar interest makes your ears bleed or his widdling is somewhat laughable, see that he's trying and that it's cool that he's found an outlet.

9) Mention a few of his silly quirks and isms that you've come to adore. It could be his catchphrases, his attire, a hat that he wears in every photo - just remind him that he's noticed and special.

10) End it with an invite. Throw out a few dates that work for a lunch and tell him it's on you. If you're feeling extra motivated, schedule a new lunch at the end of each preceding one and see how long you can keep the practice going!

Happy Father's Day to everyone! Have a tremendous and fulfilling weekend!