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How to Cut the Negativity from 2020

  • 3 min read

The end of the year brings most people a lot of clarity and tons of perspective. Maybe it's all the banter around the holiday dinners or a few days away from work to reflect on life. It seems everyone gets prepared to share things like fitness and career goals, but very few people typically open up about and get real about the negativity they want to rid from their next spin around the sun.

So, forget things like calories and muscles and promotions for a second and hear us out. When you surround yourself with the right people, you can move mountains, any mountains. But if you enter another year surrounded by negative voices and influences, it's going to hold you back.

You might be asking yourself, who are these negative people they're referring to? Oh, you'll know them when you see them below.

1) The One-Upper
Is there that certain someone in your life that always cuts you down? That someone who has already-done-that-exact-thing-a-million-times-and-better-than-you-did-it? Turn down the volume on that real quick. Personalities that always have to compensate for their own insecurities by chopping down others, deserve no special place in your inner circle. Search for a You've Got One More In the Tank friend instead. Find someone who will appreciate how far you've come and who will constructively push you forward.

2) The Guilt Tripper
Chances are your life is pretty full of responsibilities and you're juggling calendars like the rest of us. Still, there are certain personalities that'll hold it over you when you can't attend every event known to man. Get that kind of pressure out of your life in 2020, and find a Thanks for Being Here person who notices when you go out of your way to show up and be present whenever you can swing it.

3) The Gossip
The unfortunate reality is that gossip is magnetic. It lures us into the juicy details and it's a slippery slope that can ruin many relationships. But if you step back and look at the people in your life, you can spot the gossip from a mile away. Sure, they might not mean to hurt others, but negative speech, texts, and commentary about people who are not present can be totally toxic. Truths warp, facts get twisted and there can be real damage in real lives. Replace the gossip with a Confidant - someone who will hear you out and maintain your trust without judgment. You deserve people in your circle who will sit beside you through times of growth, change and pain no matter what. Find people that'll have your back instead of stabbing your back.

4) The Naysayer
Are there people around you who immediately assume you're incapable? Are there people who default to doubting what you might be able to achieve? Do they scoff when you share your dreams or belittle what hopes you have for the future? Ain't nobody got time for that. Sure, sometimes haters can inspire you to push harder than ever before, but the truth is you'll go further for longer if you find friends, family or coworkers who believe in you. Kick the naysayers out and seek a Cheerleader who will champion and remind you of the road ahead.

5) The Critic
Don't keep people around who jab at and magnify your weaknesses. They'll only fester over time and keep you unhealthily focused on your stumbles. Find a Mentor. Find someone who has walked a similar path or carried a similar burden and come out the other side stronger. They'll offer wisdom and guidance instead of poison.

Are you ready to assemble your dream team? Are you willing to trade negative influence for positive? You can do this! And these 5 types of impact can drive a world of change for you in the new year.