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Don't Plan Resolutions Before Doing These 3 Things

  • 2 min read

It's easy to get lost in forecasting. We dream in days ahead. We fast forward past the effort and focus on the results that'll hopefully come months from now. 

So it's no surprise the same is true of Resolutions and the plotting that often comes around the New Year.

Goals are a central piece of the puzzle, sure, but there's so much more that has to happen behind the scenes if new habits are to become concrete, bad habits are to hit the highway, and you're to become something you love in the mirror.

In other words, DO NOT start thinking about resolutions until you've taken the next three steps. Trust us, these few practices will not only build a firm foundation for success in 2020, but they'll also shape your launchpad.  

STEP 1: Realize Your Growth
If you're embarking on health and wellness, financial or relational goals in the coming year, it's important to bring some confidence into the mix. When you realize where you have grown,  have matured, and have healed, you're more likely to carry that momentum into the days ahead. On the flip, perhaps you've seen this too, most people chart out their resolutions from a place of defeat or guilt. While it may be entirely true that certain areas of your life are the weakest and therefore most likely the places that need to hard work, be sure to frame your mindset in a way that moves mountains, recognizes the progress you've made in the past and holds to hope. Otherwise, you risk sitting under the shadow of a big, scary goal.

STEP 2: Win Each Day
You have to learn to value the process even more than the goal. Hard, consistent, dedicated work is the only thing that's ever taken real people to the next level. When you look through life like a telescope, longing for the results miles and miles and miles away, you invite missteps into your path. It's better to zoom out, look at your feet, and live each day with intentional,  purposeful steps forward. Metaphorical yes, but you understand the image. Set your sights on winning each and every day. Trust the process. Pay your dues. And when you stop to catch your breath after winning many days, you'll look in the mirror in astonishment.

STEP 3: Snowball
Positive life change is contagious. It's momentous and magnetic. People will ask how you've done it. Others will ask to join you. And you'll feel inclined to master other areas of your own life. Invite the energy in. As you prioritize your physical health, you may notice a strengthening and renewing of the mind. Better habits and practices of the mind may afford you deeper and more meaningful conversations with coworkers and friends. It goes on and one. A giant snowball. Pick up speed and keep moving forward. Honor small victories and major milestones alike.

Positive change is intoxicating.

Remember these three concepts, chart your incredible year, and create your amazing life.