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How To Give the Gift of Health

  • 2 min read

There are few better impacts you can make in life than helping someone commit to health. And with the holidays upon us, there's no better time to share that influence. Whether you've got athletes, weekend warriors, or just people trying to get off the sideline on your shopping list, we can help. 

Here's how to give the gift of health!

Sponsor their training
Many gyms offer amazing deals during December and January to get newcomers in the doors. Encourage and empower someone in your life by footing the bill for the first couple of months. Maybe you can cover their membership or schedule a few sessions with a trainer, or maybe you can ask the establishment if they offer any sort of punch card vouchers. Whether it's a boxing gym, dance studio, CrossFit box, cycling class or beyond, a little creativity on your part may just usher in the jumpstart they need!

Give gadgets and gizmos
Step counters, calorie trackers, GPS units, amazing blenders and more -- the fitness world is full of fun technology. Chances are a quick Google search will yield all sorts of inspiration for the health nut in your life.

Deliver diet and supplementation
Maybe the person you're thinking of already has a solid routine when it comes to physical activity. Great! Help them take it to the next level with protein powders, hydration beverages, natural supplements, and other products for recovery. We've got it all at

Meal prep and planning has also become a staple of fitness culture. Consider pairing some quality supplements with a meal-planning guide, subscription or boxing.

Tune-up what they already have in tow
Has their favorite bike, rower, bench or other equipment seen better days? It could be that the dust they've collected is what's keeping your loved one from using them. Hire a professional to spiffy them up or put some elbow grease into it yourself, if you're comfortable. Your giftee will adore your thoughtfulness and care. A new start doesn't always require new gear. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes to see the potential.

Make it a partner affair
So much of longterm health is about sharing those values with an accountable partner or community. Although you can't box yourself up, throw a bow on your head and sit under the Christmas tree (well, you could if you really wanted to) simply being present, supportive and accommodating, can propel your loved one toward wellness success. Get in the game with them or be their lead blocker! You can remove the challenges and time constraints that have competed for their attention, so they can better commit to their fitness. 

Sometimes it's even as easy as showing interest in their new hobby whether you understand it or not. Ask them how their training is going. Take some time to have them show you the most exciting thing they've learned. Just be in their corner!

Happy (healthy) holidays!