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Get Skinny By Gaining Weight

  • 1 min read

You’ve been working your tail off for weeks.  You feel good. So, you get on the scale expecting to see the amount of pounds lessened, but it’s higher. Oh no! You’ve gained weight!  Or, have you?

Remember on Monday we said muscle is denser, but takes up less room than fat?  Still confused? It may be because using a scale is not the best way to measure your progress. A better way to assess it, is with a tape measure.  As you improve your diet and exercise regimen, you will begin to lose fat, but gain muscle. In other words, you may not lose pounds, but you will lose inches!

Measuring Progress
The tape measure method is a great gauge, when used once in a while. The scale is too. Though, you might not want to use either more than once or twice a month.  The best way to ascertain your advancement is simple:  How do your clothes fit?  Are your pants falling down?  Do you need to invest in a few new belts? Better yet do you need a smaller size altogether?  Now, you’re talking!

 digestive detox

• Lose inches, not pounds
• Use tape measurers before scales
• Define success by dropping clothes sizes

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