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Fiber + Probiotics: Why This Combo Gets You Healthier

  • 4 min read

You may not realize this, but when you top off your yogurt with chia seeds, you’re doing the body good. And your gut is benefiting, too.

That’s because you’re adding fiber in the chia seeds to the yogurt, which contains good-for-you probiotics.  

Why this is so important: fiber + probiotics work together to keep the body healthy. They’re important on their own, but together...well, they’re a health powerhouse.  

The 3 Types of Fiber You Need 

Fiber, a carbohydrate, is not only essential for digestive health, it also plays a key role in managing healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. (Read more on this here

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that adults get at least 25 to 38 grams of fiber daily. It’s estimated, though, that most adults are getting only about 15 grams per day, with many getting much less. 

In fact, most people in this country (90% in fact) are not getting enough fiber. 

Our Daily Multi-Fiber fills in the fiber gap by giving you 5.2 grams per serving (we recommend 3 servings per day for a total of 15.6 grams).

And even if you’re eating foods with fiber, you may not be getting the right balance of the three types of fiber you need: soluble, insoluble, and fermentable prebiotic fiber. 

  • 1. Soluble fiber attracts water —in the stomach and the gut — to create a slimy, gel-like substance that can’t be digested. Healthy bacteria, or probiotics, in the gut feed off this soluble fiber, helping them to thrive.
  • 2. Insoluble fiber absorbs fluids and sticks to other stuff in the gut forming “roughage” to help create poop so you can poop.
  • 3. Fermentable prebiotic fiber gives nourishment to the healthy microbes living in the gut.  

All three types of fiber are important for gut health — and overall health. Our Daily Multi-Fiber contains a balance of all three fibers. Our fiber comes from plant-based ingredients (why Daily Multi-Fiber is vegan):

✔️ 1. Psyllium husk powder: Psyllium comes from the ground-up husks (outer covers) of seeds from the plantain plant. These seeds contain psyllium, a potent source of soluble fiber. Our psyllium husk powder absorbs water as it moves through the digestive tract, helping you to go number 2.

✔️ 2. Chia seeds: These seeds come from the Salvia plant, a plant that’s part of the mint family. Chia seeds are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. We grind them up as part of our Daily Multi-Fiber.

✔️ 3. Inulin: This soluble fiber in our Daily Multi-Fiber comes from the root of the blue agave plant. This fiber is what’s called a prebiotic fiber, as it feeds good bacteria in the gut, helping to promote their growth.


8 Ways Daily Multi-Fiber Can Help Your Body — and Your Gut

There are many benefits of taking NBPure’s Daily Multi-Fiber, which also comes in convenient on-the-go travel packs. These include:

      1. Daily Multi-Fiber can help provide support for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This digestive system disorder can cause symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gassiness, and more. But getting regular fiber — and particularly psyllium, found in Daily Multi-Fiber — can help relieve symptoms of IBS.
          2. Daily Multi-Fiber can help prevent constipation ­— long term. Our MagO7 is hands down, the best product to use when you’re constipated. But you shouldn’t take MagO7 every day to prevent constipation. This is where our Daily Multi-Fiber comes in. It’s designed to be taken every day to keep you regular so you don’t get constipated.
              3. Daily Multi-Fiber supports healthy bacteria in the gut. Not only does Daily Multi-Fiber have fiber — and plenty of it — it also has probiotics, or healthy bacteria. More specifically, it has Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and more. These strains of bacteria are the most studied and most proven when it comes to a healthy gut.

                  Why this is important: your gut is a petri dish of bacteria, fungi, and parasites. They’re all living together happily to digest food and so much more. But this happy partnership only works if there are more healthy bacteria than anything else. Consider healthy bacteria the captains of your gut; if they’re not overpowering everything else in numbers they can’t take charge and keep everything else in line.

                  In order for this to happen, you need to be adding healthy bacteria into your gut every day. Daily Multi-Fiber does that with our probiotic blend of 1 billion CFU (colony-forming units), a measure of the numbers of healthy bacteria.

                      4. Daily Multi-Fiber has what healthy bacteria need to thrive. You can’t just add healthy bacteria or probiotics to the gut and expect them to thrive. You have to feed these bacteria. Our inulin, what’s called a prebiotic fiber, does just that.
                          5.  Daily Multi-Fiber contains good-for-you bacteria that may help the body get important antioxidants it needs. A little-known fact about probiotics: they digest fiber in the gut in a way that nothing else can. This digestion helps to release critical antioxidants the body needs. Antioxidants are powerful disease-fighting chemicals.
                              6. Daily Multi-Fiber can help control your hunger. By getting enough fiber in your diet, you’ll be less hungry. That’s because fiber fills you up so you eat less overall. And this means, you’ll be better able to maintain a healthy weight.
                                  7. Daily Multi-Fiber can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. The soluble fiber, in our Daily Multi-Fiber, traps fats and cholesterol from food, stopping your body from fully absorbing them into the bloodstream.
                                      8. Daily Multi-Fiber can help maintain healthy glucose levels. Fiber helps the body to process glucose or blood sugar by slowing the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream.

                                          It’s a no-brainer: Daily Multi-Fiber is a simple and convenient way to check fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics off your daily wellness to-do list. Simply mix a teaspoon into cold water, three times daily, to give your body — and your gut — what they need.