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Featured Interview with 20 Time XGames Medalist Nate Adams

  • 5 min read

We got the awesome opportunity a couple weeks back to connect and interview Professional Freestyle Motocross rider Nate Adams and dive into a 9 question interview. If you are not aware of who Nate is... Well let's just say he currently holds 20 XGames medals and can pretty much do anything on a dirtbike. He is a solid family man and dedicated to keeping his health and wellness in check. We hope you enjoy this super special interview!

To get a little more background on Nate and who he is watch this short video:




1. Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get started in the Freestyle motocross industry?
Will do! I'm 33, from Glendale, AZ and as you may assume I've been in love with motocross since I was a wee lad.
My dad has ridden his entire life, still gets it on at 64 years old! He introduced me to motocross when I was 8...but at that time it felt to me as if I'd been asking for a bike forevvvverrrrr haha. 
2. How many xgames medals do you have now?
I've got 20 XGames medals now. Yeeeew

3. How important is your nutrition as being a professional freestyle motocross rider? Do you have any tips for someone looking to start a fitness routine?
It's dang near everything! I feel that once you get to certain level in any sport your training, nutrition, and mentality become more important than your natural talent. Especially as the years go by and i get older, man...proper Nutrition and physical preparation become much more crucial.
My advice would be to stick to what works for you. I know that may sound cliche, but anyone at the top of their particular sport/discipline has probably had 1000 different training, recovery and mental preparation techniques thrown at them...what works best for me may not work at all for the next guy! I've spent the past 18 years sorting through the heaps of information available to me to find what works best for me. Trial and error! 

4. As a professional Motocross rider were sure you are traveling a lot. Do you have any tips or advice for others who travel alot and want to keep healthy and active while on the road? 
Yea without a doubt. WATER! I don't know what it is about flying / driving, but man it can dehydrate a dude. I also bring lots of vitamins to help me battle sickness picked up while on the road. You can't always eat exactly how you would at home, so anyway I can supplement that on the road I will. I bring travel-size foam rollers, knee wraps, freezer bags for icing sore parts...the list goes on. I basically try to bring the essentials to keep me at my best while traveling. It can be tough, especially with 50 pound bag limits! Us moto guys do not have the option to travel light! Haha

5. What is your life motto?

I believe if you work hard AND smart, the hard work will pay off. Smart is the key word. Just hard work doesn't always pay off in my experience...Like I mentioned before about getting to a 'certain level' in any discipline, at the top of any sport EVERYONE is good! Haha. It's about being good at what you do, knowing what works best for you in particular and applying that to your training and practice. This has been a constantly changing routine for through the years. What worked for me when I was 22 doesn't necessarily work for me at 33. Adapt, improvise and overcome. 

6. Do you have a favorite go-to healthy snack?
Fruit! When I'm at events or competitions, I tend to be a bit nervous. Yes even after a 18 year career I still get nervous before I compete! I generally don't like to and don't feel like eating a lot on competition day, so fruit is my go-to snack in between main meals. I don't get a full or bloated feeling and I get nearly instant energy. Fruit. That's what I'm about. Ha!

7. What's a day in the life of Nate Adams look like?
Nowadays, I am up between 4-5am and get my reading done and any left over chores done before my 1 year old twin boys wake up. Cause once they're up, it's on! Haha
Then it's a short warm up / workout, stretching, then I'm out the door to do some riding. I'll ride, stack some photos and videos for my social media accounts, then it's back home to the family. Or, if I need any bike parts or gear from sponsors, I'll swing by their shop to get the needed equipment (I live in Southern California and most my sponsors are within an hour drive or so). Then once the riding is handled I get home to hang and play with my fun-loving boys, Ty and Hud and my wife Lindsay!

8. Are you a goal setter? If so, has it helped you in your career or in any other areas of your life and do you find it important to have goals?
Absolutely. If I don't have a firm goal set, I find myself sort-of wandering through my days with no real direction. I figured this out when I was a teenager, so I've pretty much been setting goals since a young age. Even when I'm injured I'll set goals to be back on the bike by a certain date, then start working as hard as I can to meet that goal. If I'm not ready to ride by the set goal date, then I set a new date. Whether on or off the bike, I like to have a point to focus on. I think other professional riders are the same.

9. Do you have a favorite exercise routine? (Besides Moto haha)
Hahaha, I was going to say moto hahahah. I do love to run, but it has gotten harder as I've gotten older. I've slowed down my pace and focused on form and it has enabled me to keep hitting the trail. 

10. If today was your last day and all of your accomplishments were forgotten and you only got to leave three truths about life written down on a piece of paper what would those three truths be?
Haha that's a good one. Tough one. Let's see...
1. God is real! 
2. Work smarter not harder (notice that I said's a fact of life that everyone has to work! Haha)
3. If it hurts to do 'this'...don't do 'this' haha!
We hope you guys enjoyed this mini featured interview!
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