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Fail Forward: An Honest Look at Fitness Goals

  • 2 min read

Every week we try to supply content geared toward serious fitness fanatics, health and wellness enthusiasts and closet athletes. We do our best to provide stories that are relevant, resourceful and inspiring.

But we haven't forgotten where we come from.

Inside each of us is a journey. And there have certainly been some ups and downs. Because wellness is not a destination, but a commitment toward continued progress. It's about eating healthier and living better than the day before. The idea that you reach the peak and top out is simply not accurate. We all have room to grow no matter how strong, fit, disciplined, balanced etc. etc. we are. There is no "perfect".

And the reality of this pursuit of health and wellness is that undoubtedly there are failures along the way. You skip a workout. You cheat on a diet. You get lazy or make excuses.

Simply put, you'll fail now and then. Everyone does. 

The trick is to fail forward. Don't linger in the upset. Don't sulk or wallow. Get back on the horse and redirect your frustration into extra energy for the next run. Redirect a little rage into the next rep. Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're worth it, that today is a new day, that you won't stop or give up, that you've come so far. Take it on the chin and maintain momentum whether you're two days in or three years to the cause.

Failure is not fatal. 

Flip the script and emerge victorious, no matter your goal. We believe in you. We are by your side. We battle the same giants and conquer the same doubts. And we know we are stronger together.

So here's to forward progress. And here's to winning the day. Dream big and work hard. 

We're in. Are you?