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7 Quick and Easy, Healthy Summer Snacks

  • 2 min read
Ah, summer. The season of post workout dips in the pool, sunbathing and siestas. But opposite all the summer glory is the temptation to much on chips, pretzels, cool beers, 4th of July leftovers and anything else within arm's reach.

If you don't stay on your toes and stick to a healthy diet, summer's one of those sneaky season that can tack a few extra pounds on the scale.

That's all the more reason you need to check out these super easy and healthy summer snacks. Trust us, you're gonna love them!

1)  Watermelon, of course. If this doesn't scream summer nothing does. Yes, it's true that it's hydrating (hence the "water" in the name), but watermelon is also good for the heart. Eat it right off the rind, in a mixed fruit salad or get crazy and throw it on the grill.

2) Cherries. Take advantage of what's in season this time of year. Cherries are especially ripe and have been known to help curb muscle pain.

3) Homemade Popsicles. Feed your sweet tooth a health conscious way. Rather than reaching for artificial, super-sweetened frozen treats, get the  family in on the fun. Chop up your favorite fresh fruit - say, pineapples, oranges, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, or whatever you dig - and mix them in with coconut water and a stick in a freezing tray. The possibilities are endless.

4) Grilled Corn on the Cob. Skip bagged popcorns with caramel and cheeses. Summer's the perfect time to grill up some authentic sweet corn. Eat it right of the cob in some tinfoil or slice it off as a great side dish.

5) Chewy Cacao Quinoa Balls. Peanut butter, protein powder, cacao, chia seed and quinoa. Think cookie dough without the calories. There are a million and  one creative recipes online. No matter what they say, the trick over summer, is to serve them chilled. It'll really hit the spot.

6) Avocado + hot sauce or hummus or salt and pepper. 

7) Summer Salads. Chop up leftover barbecued chicken or steak, add some fresh tomato, mix in some leafy greens and drizzle with a light dressing. Salads are quick, easy, highly nutritious, and they fill you up no matter how strong your appetite.