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Top 5 Summer Reads for Fitness Fans

  • 2 min read
Are you on the look for inspiring reads that'll help pass the time dodging sun or perhaps sitting poolside this summer? Want some material that'll not only pass the time, but help you to reset physically, mentally and emotionally before getting back into the fitness routine?

We highly recommend the next 5 books and we're more than prepared to tell you why!

Atomic Habits by James Clear
Learn how tiny modifications to your daily routine can amount to tremendous, significant change. Whether you're hoping to launch into positive habits or kick some ugly ones that have crept in, this book's for you. Clear distills habit-forming, triggers, patterns and slippery slopes into an easily digestible format that's more about improving 1% every day than prescribing another phony self-help silver bullet.

Grab a copy or download the audiobook. It'll help build the mental fortitude you deserve for any physical undertaking.

Rebound by Peter Park
Regain strength, move effortlessly and live without limits, as the subtitle states. This book highlights the common scenarios that often land people on the sidelines and uncovers household stretches, movements and exercises that can get you back in the game. Complete with plenty of diagrams and visual resources, it's bound to help readers at all levels.

Park's no BS writing really puts everything into perspective and will challenge you to live healthier and better.

Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett
A renowned read amongst athletes, trainers, coaches and more, this book is considered Gospel to those who analyze and value the art of movement. As the cover eludes, it aims to help readers resolve pain, prevent injury and optimize performance. Don't let the funny title fool you. This book is no joke, 

While the book may be a bit too "inside baseball" for some readers, the suggested bodyweight workouts and regiments can revolutionize serious fitness fanatics and weekend warriors alike.

Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn
We've spoken a lot about mindfulness and meditation on the blog lately and this is a wonderful guide for anyone who's interested in the subject. From breathing techniques to visualization, focus, posture and more, this book has it all.

Run Fast. Eat Slow by Shalane Flanagan
Enjoy 100+ recipes home cooked for athletes and fitness enthusiasts ranging from snacks to drinks to full-fledged delicious meals. All without sugar and flour. That's right, it took a 4x Olympian and world-class runner to sit alongside an epic chef to dream up something this great.

Support your body and add some variety to table. It's all inside.