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6 Warning Signs it's time to do a Cleanse

  • 2 min read

When it comes to toxins in your environment, ignorance is not bliss. Dangerous environmental pollutants can increase cancer risk and fill the body with harmful toxin making it hard to function.
The good news is—your body cleanses on a daily basis. It is Nature’s gift to you that keeps illness away, gives you energy, and allows you to think clearly.
But too many people are getting used to feeling “not so well.” Too many people live with the painful effects of a toxic system and remain unbalanced in their thinking, emotions, and physical health. You certainly don’t have to be one of them.
Watch out for the detox warning signs your body is giving you:
1. Adrenal Fatigue: 

If you are exhausted, having trouble losing weight, finding it hard to focus, or even experiencing problems in the bedroom, adrenal fatigue could be the culprit. The adrenal glands interact closely with the thyroid, liver, digestive system, brain function, and reproductive systems. When the liver and other vital cleansing organs are hindered from performing their tasks due to toxins, adrenal fatigue often results.
2. Cravings:

It seems like everyone has cravings these days. There are emotional triggers to this, but physical cravings can come from an abundance of highly processed and concentrated foods that artificially stimulate dopamine (the pleasure neurotransmitter), which plays a role in addiction. So, you will “feel good” and naturally want more of the food that is making you feel good. Adding in fermented foods can help teach your body to crave what makes you feel well. Cravings really do disappear once you detoxify.
3. Depression, anxiety, and even some eating disorders have been linked to an abundance of certain toxic substances.

A build-up of harmful chemicals can block the absorption and release of beneficial chemicals, leading to an imbalance that can have negative physical, psychological, and emotional effects.
4. Food Allergies: 

Food allergies are often a sign that you don’t have the proper beneficial microflora to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from your food. This occurs when toxins like Candida yeast proliferate and cause a leaky gut. Over time, you can recover from many food allergies or sensitivities by detoxifying your body and restoring that microflora with a balanced probiotic-rich diet.
5. Heart Disease:

The accumulation of toxins in the body allows for increased risk of heart disease. A diet lacking in living and fermented foods can lead to malabsorption of nutrients. As a result, a domino effect of nutritional deficiencies, high cholesterol, heart attack, or even stroke can occur. Purifying the body of harmful substances is one significant way to lower the risk of heart disease.
6. Mental/Emotional Instability:

 The hazards of allowing dangerous chemicals into the body are not limited to the physical being. Mental and emotional disorders can be caused by a toxic system, and, much like food allergies, may be corrected.

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Cleansing the body is so important for optimal health.  Don’t ignore the warning signs, do your body a favor and start cleansing!  Try out our Mago7 and get your body on track!