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5 Secret Spring Health and Wellness Tips

  • 2 min read

1) Pass on the Drinks - Though beers, strong spirits, and bar snacks are  often associated with pool side hangouts, health-conscious individuals beware. Empty calories and hangovers aren't exactly the best formula for fitness gains. Consider virgin drinks instead!

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2) Go for green - Pair your outfit with a healthy green smoothie. Start with a leafy green base, toss in some blueberries, pineapple, strawberries and  yogurt. Then pour on some almond milk or juice and blend away! Pair your morning smoothie with other liquid supplements like Vitamin B12 or Mago7 a convenient, all-in-one healthy jumpstart to the day! 

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3) Don't get in a pinch - Plan ahead and meal accordingly. If your workplace or family intends on throwing a spring party or social event after hours, be sure you've stocked up on natural, healthy alternatives that steer you clear of fried snacks and catered food. If you can stick to the fruits, vegetables and superfoods, you'll be far better off than whatever they place in the party bowls.

4) Put on your dancing shoes - Any spring time is a great time to get active. Dance, play catch with the kids in the backyard, go for a stroll around the neighborhood after the family meal. Find a fun way to burn calories!

5) Bring your charm - Positivity is contagious. Use the spring time to spread goodness wherever you go. Commit to optimism, hope and possibility. Even the simple act of smiling can make you feel better. As you stare down health goals or fitness plans, visualize success and see it through. You might find that you not only recognize your true potential but bring out the gold in others as well!

Wishing everyone a happy healthy spring!