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3 Easy Blender-less Ways to Drink Your Daily Multi Fiber

  • 2 min read
Written by Lauren Curl-Ferrell

Fiber supplements are one of those products that seems superfluous -- until you try it, and you wonder how you have ever lived without it. I spoke with a dietician and created a list of 3 EASY drink ideas that you can add your fiber supplement to. Don't get me wrong, mixing a fiber supplement with good ol' fashion water is still great, but it can be fun to switch up your fiber routine.

daily multi fiber

Let's talk about the fiber first. For these "fibertails" (okay, don't judge me, I'm still working on a nickname), I chose NB Pure's Pure Vegan Daily Multi-Fiber in the coconut lime flavor. Coconut and lime are two of my favorite flavors separately, but when put together ::chef's kiss::. I'm already drooling. NB Pure's Fiber also has a reputation for being incredibly healthy. It's the only fiber on the market that has insoluble and soluble fiber that can help decrease hunger and increase satiate hormones when ingested with a meal. It also means that meals containing soluble fibers are less likely to cause sharp spikes in blood sugar levels and may prevent them (good news for the diabetes world!). Ultimately, you feel fuller longer with it, it helps lower your cholesterol, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also has probiotics to help maintain glucose homeostasis, lipid regulation, and can help the risk of colon disease. So, what I'm trying to say is this fiber is legit. 

Please enjoy these drinks, I know I did!

Ingredients  6 ounces of cold green tea  6 ounces of coconut milk writers note: basically, half your glass is tea, the other half is coconut milk 1 lime or 2 tablespoons of lime juice 1 teaspoon of NB Pure Daily Multi-Fiber ice  Directions Grab a glass that holds at least 12 ounces of liquid. (most tall glasses hold 16 oz), put all your ingredients in, and stir with a spoon. You can also use one of those shaker bottles if you prefer. Sip and enjoy!

Ingredients  1 tea bag  hot water 1/2 lime or 1 tablespoons of lime juice 1 teaspoon of NB Pure Daily Multi-Fiber honey for sweetness, as much as you prefer   Directions Heat up your water, add your tea bag once it's hot. Steep tea for approximately 2 minutes. Add in your fiber, lime juice, and honey. Stir and enjoy!

Ingredients  glass of lemonade (store bought will do) fresh or frozen strawberries  1 teaspoon of NB Pure Daily Multi-Fiber ice optional: watermelon piece for the rim of your cup   Directions Grab your favorite glass and put your ice cubes in. Add in your fiber, strawberries, and lemonade next. Stir it up and garnish with a watermelon wedge. Relax, sip, and enjoy.

What's that? You'd like some other drink ideas? You can mix your fiber in with apple juice, coconut pineapple water, and even your favorite vegetable juice. This fiber was definitely made to be sipped and enjoyed, so do just that! I've also been playing around with dips, protein balls, and even popsicles with this fiber, so keep an eye on our blog for those recipes coming soon!




Blog written by Lauren Curl-Ferrell Lauren is an elder millenial who was born and raised in Ohio. She has spent her entire adult life working in the health, wellness, and beauty industry. She's obsessed with her yellow vespa and the Sherlock Holmes series.   She currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, her two kids, her dog, cat, and fish.