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Why Meditate? Our Favorite Meditation Video Will Help Get You Grounded.

  • 2 min read

What is meditation?

What a loaded question, right? A lot of people think that meditation is something that you do, but really, it is a state of mind. Meditation helps quiet the mind. The point of meditating is to achieve a feeling of peace amongst your thoughts. It is not designed to suppress your thoughts, but more so to let go of your worries and fears. It is a practice to help you find peace in flaws and the consequences that come with them.  

It is amazingly easy to sit down and let those mind harming thoughts surface. I mean, we are only human right? It is completely normal! It is so easy to engulf yourself in these thoughts. The practice of mediation helps take those thoughts and encourage humanness to them. Our mind can provide many distractions, thoughts, and our mind will want to devour those thoughts. It’s important to not beat yourself up over these things but to take note. Realize what has just happened. Be kind to yourself and return to your practice. You can fix, plan, talk about these inner thoughts later. The present is all we truly have time to focus on.  

Through taking a moment to sit with ourselves it allows us to get used to our OWN company. You learn how to become kind to yourself. You learn how to be kind to others. You are in control of your mind and your thoughts. You can choose to let go of the negativity and choose positivity or even neutrality. Meditation is a great way to practice the idea of letting go or moving on. It’s time to take ownership over our flaws. By owning them, you recognize the areas you need to practice on. Meditation allows your mental state to grow into peace. At the end of the day, meditation can help you have a peaceful mind and who would not want that! 

Pop a squat and enjoy our favorite meditation video for 10 minutes. Practice taking a ten-minute break for yourself every day. After the year we have all had, we could use it! 

Video to listen to while meditating :