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Toning Up to Tie the Knot: Pre-Wedding Tips

  • 2 min read


The venue is set, the catering is in motion and all of the invites are sent. It’s wedding season. But are you in the best shape for the big day?

If you’re still hoping to tone up before you tie the knot, you’ve come to the right post. Try out some of our helpful tips and tricks below so you truly shine. And when people ask, “do you feel amazing?”, you’ll smile and say, “I do”.

Proper Nutrition

Before we venture into some of our fitness advice, let’s take a second to discuss diet. To get the most out of your workouts you also have to make sure you’re putting the best into your system. This means cutting out processed foods, and sugary drinks in the spirit of toned muscles and healthy weight loss. Search your local wellness shop or go online to find natural supplements that enable your body to make the most of every day. Products like Pure Advantage CLA, for instance, increase metabolic rate and decrease abdominal weight. And make sure you’re fueling your muscles with a multi-functional protein complex like Pure Advantage Whey Advantage to increase lean body mass, improve endurance and speed up your recovery time.

We also highly recommend considering a cleanse prior to any new workout plan to help reset and rid your body of all those unwanted toxins, so be sure to pick up the Cleanse and Balance product HERE.

And always be sure to properly hydrate.

Cardio Workouts

Aerobic activities like spin class, kickboxing, hiking, rowing and running are a wonderful way to burn calories and combat problem areas without bulking. Consider a cardio regimen 3x a week leading up to your wedding day.

Find what works for you. And find what’s fun. It could be swimming, cycling, or whatever gets your blood flowing. What matters is a routine that kick-starts your metabolism.

Sample Cardio Routine:

Monday: 2 Mile run

Wednesday: 20 minute stair climb + 10 minutes on the row machine

Friday: 5 Mile on the cycle

Weight Training

Different trainers have different views on weight training, but chances are you’ll benefit from a blend of low weight/high rep routines and some low rep routines with heavy weights. It’s best to find multi-joint exercises like the ones in this article to maximize your time and effort. Multi-joint exercises include pull-ups, lunges, pushups and more.

Consider a weight training regimen twice a week.


Let’s face it, wedding planning is a mental marathon. Toss in routine physical exercise and it’s vital you give yourself time to recover. Whether it’s reading your favorite book poolside, an evening stretching routine or a day at the spa every few weeks, don’t forget to recharge along the way.

Manage your diet, curb your cravings, and flex those muscles. You’re sure to be the most toned bride or groom around in no time!