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Everybody Poops

Or so that's what they say. Many people have a harder time doing it than others. In fact, constipation is a common problem affecting an estimated 20% of the population.

Are we not getting enough fiber? Are we eating unhealthy? What's the challenge? Those are loaded questions and without speaking to a medical professional, who's to say what is going on with your specific situation. 

There are also a ton of remedies out there. Including the likes of laxatives, stool softeners, and fiber supplements like Daily Multi-Fiber. These are easy fixes, yes - but adding these simple foods to your daily to help with the longevity of staying regular.

So here's what we know about these foods. They're so tasty. They're easy to find at the grocers. And, they're easy to eat. Who doesn't love to eat delicious foods that give a better chance at having a good, smooth, and easy poop?

I know I do. 

I'm going to go over 7 actually tasty foods to add to your diet so that adding them is delicious, but also easy. 

Let's get into it. 

These are a few of my favorite things.

Cake. Candy Canes. Sprinkles. Yep- I'm here for it. ESPECIALLY if it's got protein and nutrients in it. 

The holiday season tends to disrupt my normal diet. I've been on a slow and steady health journey over the last year and I'd like to keep myself going strong, even during my weakness: HOLIDAY TREAT SEASON.

Over this past year, I made a really great and simple healthy cake pop recipe that I keep revisiting with different toppings and tasty accessories. So when I was brainstorming which dessert to have in the refrigerator for my sweet tooth this season, using this recipe was a no brainer. 

There's Something About Gingerbread That Puts Me In The Holiday Mood

The smell. The taste. The coloring. For me - anything gingerbread is a sign that the holiday's are coming. 

I've been on this healthy treat kick for a few months now. For me, I can't help but over indulge during the holiday season. I adore all the foods, drinks, and desserts that come with the winter months. I'm also aboard a "get healthier" train so this years treats and recipes are all coming from a healthier stand point. 

If there's a way that I can enjoy my favorite holiday treats but the healthier versions of them - I'm going to do it. 

And that’s where these gingerbread protein energy balls come into play. 

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Below you'll find out gut health help 101 basics. 

These are some simple tweaks (and additions!) you can make to your day to day routine that your gut microbes will love. This in turn, will make for a better gut health.

  • 6 min read

The Connection Between Gut Health and Hormones Everyone in Menopause Should Know  

Gut health, also known as, the microbiome. It is a very hot topic right now. It wasn't until a few years ago that scientists started creating a connection between the gut and female hormones. 

  • 5 min read

This smoothie is unique in the fact that it hasPlant Powered Protein built into the crust. Which means that it will keep you fuller for longer AND help with the digestive process. 

It has a big dose of protein, healthy fats, and good fiber, to create a more stable blood sugar response. 

It will hit that caramel apple craving and help provide great nutrients at the same time. What a grown up win! 


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Both aid in the digestive process, but they both have very different purposes.  

Probiotics are there to help bring those good bacteria back to the body. They help with balancing the ecosystem in your overall gut health. They’re often marketed as a cure-all for digestive complaints, but the systems that people could be having could be helped with adding in a digestive enzyme supplement. 

Digestive enzymes help break down the food that’s eaten so the body can absorb as many nutrients as possible. Digestive enzymes can help make an immediate difference in digesting a meal. 

Digestive enzymes help digest food. Probiotics do not. Because they work hand in hand together, you can take them with each other. Just make sure to get your doctors thumbs up first! 

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Create an At-Home Apothecary With These Amazing Herbs + Plants. Herbal medicine is one of the oldest healing methods in the world. By utilizing medicinal herbs and plants that naturally work together in harmony with our bodies, humans have for centuries and centuries incorporating herbs and plants into our medicine and food culture. We're going go over our favorite plants and herbs that support vitality, strength, and will connect us to the world around us. 

Whether you take a minimal approach when it comes to a beauty routine, or devour any kind of skincare and makeup advice you can get your hands on, one thing remains universal: We all want to know the very best practices for achieving healthy, radiant skin.

For the most part, we've got the basics covered by making sure our daily routine consists of drinking enough water, washing our face before bed, and doing our best to avoid anything toxic that might frustrate the skin. But there's more to doing things on just the outside of your body, you have to look internally too. 

We spoke with a few dermatologists and estheticians and they all had something to say about the following tips listed below. Let's dive into it!

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Coffee and Protein? Just give it to me right now.

You read that right. I have combined my super love of coffee with my super love of protein and made the perfect shake to give anyone who drinks coffee. This is a nice bit of energy and will help to fuel those protein needs. 

To be honest, I'm shocked I had not done this sooner. Coffee is always helpful in getting my day started and for an afternoon pick me up. Not to mention, I could always use the protein.

This tastes better than my normal frozen or cold coffee that I get from a coffee shop and the best part was that it had protein in it. It kept me full for a quite a long time too!

Travel induced constipation aka Travel Tummy. What causes it, and solutions on how to deal with it. Traveling often tends to cause constipation issues, bloating, and general gut discomfort. We're discussing easy over the counter solutions that anyone can take.

It can be hard to make sure your family gets enough protein and fiber. This recipe will help with that. These also make a great snack for in-between meals. With strawberry and watermelon flavors coming through these popsicles, it's for sure a hit.