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Helpful Hacks for a Healthy Reboot

  • 3 min read

Sometimes simply getting started is the hardest part about a health and wellness reboot. Trust us, you're not alone. Whether it's been a few months off the routine or even years, we've all been there before.

Thankfully, it's a little easier to dive back into a health or fitness routine with a little insider knowledge and that's why we've prepared the following helpful hacks. Try them in your day to day and let us know how it works out! We wish you the best and know that you'll be healthier, happier and fitter in no time.

Defeat the snooze button
Let's face it, waking up early to drive to the gym or hit the hiking trail is not the easiest thing in the world. Toss in the fact that most people roll over to hit the snooze button on their phone and get sucked into Facebook land or perpetual Instagram scrolling, and starting the day on a healthy foot can slip to the wayside.

Hack: Buy a cheap old school alarm clock and put it out of arms reach so you're obligated to truly get out of bed and begin your day.

Start with stretching
If you've been off of your game for quite some time, maybe the idea of launching into a spin class or going to the crossfit gym is a bit intimidating. There's nothing wrong with easing into it. During this social distancing time, even popping on a stretching YouTube video would help.

Hack: Wait a bit before you take a swing at the hardcore workouts and spend a few weeks committed to stretching for 15 minutes each and every day. Not only will this condition you mentally, but you'll reclaim a limber foundation on which to build larger workout routines.

A step at a time
Extended periods of sitting are no good for anyone. Establish routine walking or jogging habits throughout your day. This goes for working individuals, too. If you're taking a phone call or reading documents before a meeting, find a way to pace between or around the office while you do so.

Hack: Most smartphones nowadays have a step counter built in. Access the counter and strive for 9,000 steps a day. Yes, that's around 4 miles, but you'd be surprised how simply setting that goal can shape your day. You might walk another lap around the grocery store, call up a friend for a lap around the neighborhood or trade your lunch hour for a little footwork. When you "gamify" the challenge it becomes much more fun!

Remember the basics
Hydration and diet are vital when pursuing a healthy reboot. Don't skip the little things like getting proper servings of fruits and vegetables (let's say 5 to be safe), and drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. 

Hack: An 8-hour work day is a great framework for supporting your hydration goals. Simply fill a transparent container glass by glass, marking the container with a tick each time. Then assign hours of the day to meet each goal and keep yourself accountable as you make a healthy habit.

Recover and repeat
They say it takes about 21 days to establish a habit. Keep your perspective in check and focus hard on the first 3 weeks of your health or fitness goal. If you can dedicate yourself to this time-frame, you can go the distance. But make sure that proper recovery periods are a key part of the equation. You do not want to burn yourself out or risk injury in the beginning stages of your pursuit.

Hack: Pencil in fun, low key exercise on your "off" days. Whether it's swimming with your kids, trying out Yoga or doing a dance class, low impact cardio workouts are a great way to condition your heart without serious muscle fatigue. These workouts also help the body process lactic acids (the component often contributed to soreness and lethargy after a workout). And after the fun workout is finished, allow yourself an afternoon or evening to recover via stretching, meditation or mobility routines.

An object in motion will stay in motion, as the saying goes, so as you launch into your next health and wellness goal, know that anything is possible if you surround yourself with healthy habits. Start where you are with what you've got and you'll be making progress in no time.

Here's to you and a successful health and wellness reboot!