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Greens Powder VS Your Diet VS Your Multivitamin: Making It All Work

  • 5 min read

written by Victoria Cerminaro, BCHN

It’s finally here: NBPure’s third product in collaboration with @EarthyAndy, Superfood Paradise! Superfood greens powder supplements are increasing in popularity, and with the CDC recently reporting that 1 in 10 Adults struggle to get the necessary 5 fruits and veggies a day, it’s no wonder these powder supplements are so appealing. But, do you actually need to incorporate a superfood greens powder in your daily supplement routine? Whether you’re a total fruit and veggie lovin’ herbivore, an avid avoider of fruits and veggies, or you’re convinced that your multivitamin has you completely covered, we’re here to help you navigate incorporating greens superfood products into your diet.

Superfood Paradise bottle with powder and scoop poured out

Isn’t My Diet Enough? 

In a perfect world, we’d be drinking mineral rich spring water, eating fresh organic produce picked and enjoyed right at the source, getting enough sleep, completely stress free, and not exposed to toxins on a daily basis. 

The truth is, no matter how true we stay to all the colors of the food rainbow, it’s likely that we are still missing nutrients from our diet due to improper absorption or poor soil quality. The Save Soil Project made popular by Sadhguru, an activist Yogi who has been featured on numerous health centered podcasts and publications, mentions that 52% of the world’s soil has been degraded. Furthermore, our produce is not the same produce our ancestors, or even our grandparents ate in terms of nutrient density. We have to eat 8 oranges today to get the nutrients received in one just 50 years ago!

So, while your diet might be sufficient with the intake of fresh foods on a daily basis, it is most likely lacking the nutrients actually required to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs based simply on soil and growth quality.  . 

In just one scoop of Superfood Paradise you get 8 servings of fruits and vegetables complemented by other exotic plants and algae such as spirulina, aloe, dragon fruit, papaya, acai, and pineapple that are likely not found year-round in your area. Nutrient dense foods such as these have been standardized inside of Superfood Paradise for an optimal amount of compounds that make consuming them so internally beneficial for detoxification, digestion, bloat, and so much more. 

Superfood Paradise ranks at an amazing 4,000 ORAC units meaning it is rich in antioxidants that help us fight free radicals that can cause inflammation, more rapid aging, and fatigue.

superfood paradise bottle next to some mango and pineapple

Can Superfood Powders Replace Fruits and Veggies?

We’re here to keep it real because we love you, and while we love supplements, their intention is not meant to replace real, whole foods.  

Supplements help add, not replace, what may be missing from your daily intake. Have you ever thought about how magical our digestive system is?  It extracts nutrients from food just by chewing and breaking it down with our enzymes. So cool, right?!

There’s a reason we’ve been told to eat our fruits and veggies all our lives, whether it’s our caretakers, our school PE teacher, or the top thought leaders in the health and wellness space. These foods are an inherent part of our evolution as humans. 

SIDE NOTE: An AMAZING book on this is Eating On the Wild Side by Jo Robinson!

Diversifying your diet can be a great way to optimize your health so you can make sure you get every micronutrient that helps run the miracle collection of biochemical processes that is you.

However, we also understand it may not be that easy to just eat your fruits and veggies!  

If you really just don’t like eating them, they don’t agree with you, or you live in an area where quality produce is either unaffordable or unavailable, Superfood Paradise may be a great fit. It’s exceptionally wonderful if you’ve just had a medical procedure and need easy, delicious nutrition!  

Superfood Paradise is a great way to obtain antioxidants, plant polyphenols (the pigments that give plants their vibrant colors), the digestive forward papain in papaya fruit, and the anti-inflammatory bromelain in pineapple that you may not get in your diet otherwise.

All we ask is to make sure you are getting enough fiber in your diet since superfood powders lack the fiber you’d get from eating whole fruits and vegetables. NBPure’s Daily Multi-Fiber is a great option for helping you reach at least 25 grams of fiber which is the recommended daily amount for most people! 

I personally plan to take Superfood Paradise on my next camping trip because I want to make sure I can still get the benefits of fruit and veggies during my adventure! This is the perfect example for adding a superfood powder into a busy lifestyle with minimal effort. Just scoop it into water and go!

Superfood Paradise bottle next to a drink made with the product

Are Superfoods A MultiVitamin? 

Multivitamins have the benefit of giving you full disclosure as to exactly what, and how much of each nutrient you are getting especially if you are tackling a specific nutrient deficiency. However, many multivitamins do not focus on antioxidants, polyphenols, enzymes, and prebiotics especially if you are taking your standard multi. Earthy Andy’s Superfood Paradise has the added benefit of spirulina, acai, aloe which you likely won’t find together in any basic multivitamin! 

Some Multivitamins are better than others, even being food based where the nutrients are derived from whole foods including fruits and vegetables. But, you can only pack so many benefits  into a pill or capsule that’s easily swallow-able, chewable, or sprayable. 

And, for those who don’t like taking pills, multivitamins are almost always a no-go.

Greens powders are often more concentrated and will give your body the extra boost you need. Unlike other powders that fall flat in taste, NBPure specifically designed Superfood Paradise to highlight the natural fruit flavors inside so you’ll actually want to drink it!

Contrary to popular belief, greens powders may be lacking in key fat soluble vitamins often found in multivitamins such as Vitamin D and E,  and many lack B complex vitamins. This is why replacing a multivitamin with a greens powder is not often recommended, especially for vegans. It could be risky to assume you are fully covered with just one superfood supplement.

Using a multivitamin and a superfood in conjunction, or in alternation may help you fill in your nutrient gaps. As with anything, the best way to know how much of a nutrient you need is either via testing or tracking your daily food intake. Using an app such as Chronometer can help you piece together your intake and understand your daily nutrient levels! 

Some people can start feeling the benefits of superfoods immediately, while some may notice healthier skin, improved digestion, and more energy in just a week.

Earthy Andy enjoying Superfood Paradise mixed into a drink

Should Anyone NOT Use Superfoods?

As with any supplement, always check with your healthcare provider to make sure this is right for you as they know your overall health history best especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Some autoimmune disorders may be triggered by goitrogens and other plant antinutrients so if you are currently managing one, you may wish to refrain from long term exposure to certain plants. If you are taking medications, please check with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure Superfood Paradise will not interact with them. Keep in mind, acai features guarana which is a mild stimulant and may affect those sensitive to caffeine.

Let’s be real. No one is perfect, and while some of us strive to get close, no diet is perfect either! Supplements can really help us diversify and optimize the nutrients we get, while potentially giving us some pretty sweet health benefits along the way. Introducing superfoods into your health and wellness toolbox can definitely be a great way to get the lift you need and glow from the inside out!  

When you eat a rainbow AND take Earthy Andy Superfood Paradise: DOUBLE RAINBOWWW!! 🌈🌈

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