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First Who, Then What

  • 2 min read

Lose 12 pounds.

Watch less TV.

Go on some dates.

Eat more fruit.

We all have a tendency to generate our goals from a place of what. We write down what we want to do. What we want to achieve. What we want to stop.

And while there's nothing bad about visualizing and tackling such things, would you believe us if we said there's a far more powerful way to shape your life? Would you believe us if we said a simple reframing of resolutions and setting personal targets can translate into far more lasting change?

It all comes down to WHO you want to be.

What kind of person have you been? What kind of friend are you? What kind of spouse do you want to become?

These are questions of identity and self-image that have a profound impact on the choices you make and the habits you form. These are the kinds of subconscious lanes we form that influence how we navigate life.

When you define who you want to be, it inspires what you do and why.

Example: A strong person may prioritize fitness, embrace a challenge and welcome the things they fear. So they establish they'll work out 3 times per week. They decide to take up a new sport, perhaps cycling. And they're finally going to bungee jump.

Example: A wise person craves knowledge, invites curiosity and moves toward mentors. So they study a new language, ask the questions nobody's asking, and they sign up to attend a lecture.

Who you aspire to become clarifies the things you'll do.

When you start with who you want to be, you move beyond to-do lists and epic one-offs. You begin to see all of life as an arena for positive change. You learn to snowball habits and processes and decisions instead of getting tunnel vision on one goal. 

So, who are you? 

Will you be kind?

Will you be creative?

Will you be selfless?

Will you be authentic?

Will you be brave?

Will you be a leader?

Will you be a servant?

Will you be calm?

Will you be grateful?

Will you be ambitious?

Think deep and write it down. As you meditate on who you hope to become, develop what you'll do and when. We promise you'll be happy with the results!