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Featured interview with Professional Skateboarder Natalie Krishna Das

  • 4 min read
We got the awesome opportunity a couple weeks back to connect with Professional Skateboarder Natalie Krishna Das and dive into a 9 question interview. If you are not aware of who Natalie is... Well let's just say shes a insanely talent gal on a skateboard doing some pretty amazing things while keeping her health and wellness in check. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we have!

1) Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get started in skateboard industry?
I started skateboarding 18 years ago when my little brother forgot his board at my moms house. I picked it up and never put it back down.   I used to compete in CASL (California Amateur Skateboard League) and then I moved on to The World Cup of Skateboarding events.  A few years ago I was ranked 15th in the world for women's pro bowl skating. 2 years ago I was in the cover of Concrete Wave Magazine and this year my pro model skateboard came out via Silly Girl Skateboards. 

2) How important is your nutrition as being a Professional skateboarder? Do you have any tips for someone looking to start a fitness routine?
My nutrition is essential for my skate lifestyle. I don't eat junk food or fast food. Before a big demo or contest I have to be well rested and have a nice healthy meal a couple hours prior.  
Rumor has it that if you drink alcohol, your feet will be heavy the next day.  I've never been one to party the day before a big contest. My new routine prior to contests consists of a big healthy breakfast, Pure Vegan B-12 spray, and pro biotic complex.  My daily routine includes the Whey Advantage protein powder in a shake with banana and milk.  I have a shake every other day. I'm a big fan of home cooking for almost every meal. Most mornings I make a small breakfast burrito with 1 egg, 2 asparagus, onion, tomato, garlic, and spinach. 
My advice for a fitness routine would be to make this healthy choice your lifestyle and way of life. My circle of friends are all super fit because we eat healthy and are very active. If you need to lose weight, eat less and move more. If you need to gain weight, eat more of what's healthy and move more. 

3) Can you tell us a little bit about the challenges of being a professional woman athlete? 

It is very challenging being an athlete as a profession and being a female.  I have to keep my body in tip top shape so that I can keep up with the young rippers. Hah. It's true. There are 8 year old girls who are pro now. I have to stay fit and keep up my stamina to compete and do hour long demos with the best. 
As a woman, I don't get paid as much as the male athletes. Even if I was the 3rd best female skateboarder in the world, I wouldn't make enough money with skateboarding alone to pay all of my bills. So, I also work to make enough money to live comfortably. I am currently designing a course for a university for heath and safety officials on skateparks. 

4) What is your life motto?

What ever you do, do it with passion. 

5) Do you have a favorite go-to healthy snack?

Avocados, blackberries, cashews. 

6) What's a day in the life of Natalie look like?

I have a 1 year old baby.  So currently, much of my time is consumed caring for her. Apart from that, I wake up and have a cup of coffee. Make breakfast. Feed the baby. Figure out where my crew is skating today. Skate. Take photos. Play with the baby.  Work on whatever freelance project I have at the time.  Cook and hang with my husband. Then we go on evening walks every night. 

7) Are you a goal setter? If so, has it helped you in your career or in any other areas of your life and do you find it important to have goals?

I do set goals. It was my goal to have a pro model in my skate career and I'm happy to finally have that. I make annual goals and smaller monthly goals. I discuss some of these with my sponsors so that we can help each other stay on track for mutual promotion. I had a goal to become a producer for a fox tv and I indeed became a producer for fox tv. I set goals with myself and with my boss and it paid off
In skateboarding I set goals to learn tricks.  I find the best way to learn new tricks is to try them with friends. 

8) Do you have a favorite exercise routine (Besides skateboarding haha) ? 

I love to dance. I also enjoy doing sit ups on the incline. Every time I sit up I rotate my upper torso to the left or to the right.  It's great for my abs and my obliques. I also follow Nicole Winhoffer of Adidas. She has great full body workouts.  I love to surf and ride my bike as well. 

9) If today was your last day and all of your accomplishments were forgotten and you only got to leave three truths about life written down on a piece of paper what would those three truths be?
1. Find a way to get paid doing what you love. 
2. Listen more. 
3. Did you earn one more tomorrow by your action of today?
Be sure to follow Natalie's adventure on instagram HERE
Skate photo by Tim Vasquez