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Earthy Andy Gummy Bear Smoothie (+ Big Vitamin Shoppe News!)

  • 2 min read

Hi all!

Superfood Paradise is now at The Vitamin Shoppe® Check it out in-stores! (yes, it's in Hawaii 🏝️🥥❤️🌺🌴)

To celebrate, we’re sharing a delicious, simple recipe for one of Earthy Andy’s all-time favorite smoothies - the "Gummy Bear."

Earthy Andy Kid Drinking Gummy Bear

It’s not candy, but it is full of plant-based, vegan-friendly goodness. It’s incredibly tasty and refreshing, but also loaded with superfoods, fibers, proteins, and probiotics to help fill gaps in many diets. Adults like that it is satisfying and provides natural energy. Kids love it because it tastes delicious and looks fun - just like gummy bears.

Plenty of people online overhype the benefits of their ‘ultimate’ smoothies. We’re not trying to do that here. But we do think this is a powerhouse of a smoothie. Try it and you might love how it makes you feel. In one serving:

        20g Pea Protein – a rare vegan ‘complete’ protein with all essential amino acids
        30 Fruits & Veggies + superfoods like Spirulina, Aloe, Inulin & Chia
        8 Servings of fruit & veggie phytonutrients per scoop.
        11 Strain Probiotic with prebiotics to support healthy intestines and microbiome
        18 Enzyme Blend to help support digestion and indigestion relief.
        4000 ORAC, which means it is loaded with antioxidants.
        0 artificial ingredients, colors, sweeteners, or flavors
        + multiple types of fiber, omega-3s, and more!


            1. 1-2 cups frozen mango
            2. 1 frozen banana
            3. 1 handful of ice
            4. 1 big handful of spinach
            5. 1 cup (or preferred consistency) of oat or almond milk
            6. 1 scoop Plant Powered Protein
            7. 1 scoop Superfood Paradise


                  1. Blend and Enjoy: Throw all the ingredients into your blender – the frozen mango, frozen banana, ice, spinach, oat or almond milk, vanilla plant-powered protein, and the superfoods greens. Blend until smooth, and voila – you've just created the "Gummy Bear" smoothie.
                  2. Tropical Twists: You can swap out the mango for any tropical fruit! The Superfood Paradise already has ingredients from fruits that would pair perfectly like Papaya, Pineapple, Acai Berry, and Dragon Fruit.

                    That’s it! Simple, delicious, and nutritious. The "Gummy Bear" smoothie is great for those just adventuring into plant-powered nutrition or those looking to shake up healthy habits and routines. We think it holds up to any smoothie recipe and hope you love it!