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Best Apps for Summer Fun

  • 2 min read

We blink and summer's halfway over. We spend all year looking forward to the long days by the pool, sleeping in and living it up, and then when summer finally arrives it just speeds right on through.

And that's why we wanted to take just a second to point out a few amazing apps that capture the memories, maximize the fun and keep the summer vibes strong!

Check them out below!

  1. Pocket App - This handy little app helps you quickly stow and save articles, stories, content, ideas...whatever! So if you find yourself with a couple of spare moments in between carpooling, waiting in lines, or wherever summer takes you, it's a great way to conveniently stockpile things you want to revisit on your phone or computer when you slow down by the pool or turn in for the evening.
  2. Unfold App - Everyone loves sharing pictures and videos of their vacations. Do both and blend the content together with this awesome little editor. The layers and compositions are so fun and intuitive AND best of all, you can export the assets to share them on IG stories. 
  3. Lyft - If you plan on checking out new cities or having some nightlife fun, this rideshare app is a no brainer. Keep your rides safe, affordable and simple!
  4. Spotify - Because long road trips, airport layovers and pool parties all require endless summer playlists.
  5. Accuweather - Know before you go! This is an extremely detailed tool for predicting weather patterns and changes so you can best plan your outings.
  6. Mixbook - Okay, so it's not really an app. It's a site. But this and many others offer a wonderful plug and play way to take all of your phone pictures and print them in a beautiful coffee table style book that'll live on for years to come. Simply choose a template and arrange all of your favorite summer memories from there. If you keep your eyes peeled, chances are you'll find great discount codes during the summer months.
  7. SkyViewLite - Hanging around well after the sun goes down? Maybe going for a night swim or attending a dinner BBQ? Bust out this fun stargazing tool and explore the incredible constellations and planets above. Children and adults alike will appreciate the new perspective. All you have to do is point your phone or tablet toward the sky and it'll locate satellites, stars and more.

We hope these tools help you savor every second of summer. Just remember, even with all the benefits of technology, sometimes the best way is still putting down the screen and just diving into the present moment!