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Zinc Up+

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Poonam Pardeshi
Good product

A fast convenient way to get your zinc. The flavor isn't the best, and it definitely has a little after taste, but it's still better than getting sick.

Liezel Claassen

This zinc is in a convenient spray. The taste isn't bad. Overall, I'd recommend this.

Lolade Ngozi
So convenient!

I love how convenient this zinc spray is. It’s compact enough for me to fit it right inside my purse and take it with me on the go. It’s so easy to take. Five sprays is all that is needed. It helps to have more of a piece of mind during these trying times.

Titus Agaba
Keeping this in my cold/flu season arsenal

This is not something I will be taking everyday, but I ordered this to keep in my "intensive" care supplies, in case I start to feel like I am coming down with something. The fact that it is a spray is a huge bonus for me, if I have a sore throat I can spray this directly on the area. I like keeping various forms of zinc on hand, basically lozenges and this spray. I don't like the nasal sprays because they can affect my sense of smell. This has zinc and vitamin c, two very powerful weapons when your body starts fighting off a cold, flu, virus, etc.

Donnell Lakin
Revs up my immunity!

Great to have to help fight off colds, especially with Covid! Great for our immune system!

Zinc Up with Vitamin C Spray FAQ

It’s most well known that they both play a role at every stage of the immune response. Adequate levels are needed for proper function of physical barriers, inflammatory responses, and immune cell function. But you may not know that both do way more than support immune health and are involved in hundreds of essential bodily functions.

While there isn’t much research on the direct synergistic effects, the two form a powerful body boosting couple. This is because deficiencies in both often have common causes including poor nutrition, certain digestive diseases, medications, and pregnancy.

Vitamin C and zinc are commonly included in immunity supplements. While you never want to take too much of any supplement, a mild excess of these nutrients is unlikely to cause bad side effects. Many people find that the spray delivers directly to the mouth, where it may be most effective against pathogens.

Zinc is a vitally important mineral found throughout your body and is involved in hundreds of processes. With a varied diet and without illness, your body usually gets enough. However, life happens, and those cutting calories or food or those with digestive issues may find themselves without nutrients. Deficiency builds up slowly and often goes unnoticed until symptoms progress significantly.

While evidence is still growing, spray forms may work better. This is because the ingredients may come in direct contact with harmful microbes in the throat. When taken as a pill, ingredients must travel through the digestive system, which may affect efficacy.