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Why You Should Be Your Own Valentine this Year

  • 2 min read

First things first, this is not another cynical clickbait post poking fun at all our friends in a relationship. We love love. But the thing we adore even more is when our readers take the time to love and care for themselves as they deserve. So keep the cards and roses and relationships going, but try out some of these tips for how to also love yourself on Valentines Day this year.

Beauty is on the inside
Confidence is contagious. It's so magnetic to everyone around. And we believe it comes from a place of gratitude and reflection. Start your Valentine's Day with a few moments of gratitude, thinking on (and maybe even writing down) some of your favorite things about yourself and your life. Channel your strong suits and own them throughout the day, thankful that you are beautifully and uniquely you!

Negativity no more
Since the day is all about the spirit of love, choose a constructive, hopeful and sincere language for the day. Try to avoid any complaints rooted in self-doubt or fears and instead embrace words of adoration, compliment and truth. If you can transform your words, you'll find that you can transform almost anything in your life!

Remember the journey
Take a walk and reflect on all the big steps that brought you to today. Think about everything you've overcome and all that you've achieved personally, professionally or otherwise. Think about how many amazing people and events have all compiled into the now to bring you to today. You may find that you are stronger than you ever realized, more capable than anyone thought possible, more surprising than ever and so much more. 

And the more that you own your journey, the more that you'll love sharing your story with the important people in your world.

Let go of what holds you back
Second only to say New Year's, today's a good a day as any to properly let go of anything that's been weighing you down. Choose to set yourself free from the hiccups and hurts of the past and focus on your future. Decide who you want to be and set forth. Part of loving who you'll become is letting go of who you've been.

Rest and recover
Finally, accept the love and support from those around you. Rest in their embrace and enjoy whatever fun dinner or date may be coming your way. Meet the night with a smile, full of joy and gratitude for the incredible people closest to you.

No matter how your Valentines Day plays out, it's our hope that you feel valuable, strong and loved this year. And it starts with you.