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What Could Your Food Cravings Really Mean?

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Sometimes, we feel compelled to snack on certain things, and nothing else will suffice. More often than not, these urges reveal an emotional imbalance, rather than a nutritional one. The following list provided by Shape magazine explains some of them.
Sweets: Ever feel that afternoon need for a “sugar fix”? If you find yourself turning to chocolate or calorie dense coffee drinks, you might be better served with a brisk, 10 or 20 minute walk outdoors. A few breaths of fresh air and an elevated heart rate are all the body needs to get a natural lift!
• Crunchy: The desire to snack on loud, crunchy food like chips or nuts may be a symptom of stress. The act of chomping and sound in your ear seems to temporarily relieve the problem. The truth is once you swallow that big handful of nuts, the sensation returns. As a result, you might end up eating the whole bowl! Try replacing the need to crunch with a healthier option like carrots or celery. Even better, if you find you’re aggravated, go punch some pillows. You’ll unleash aggression and fluff up the upholstery in the process!
• Creamy: Foods like ice cream, mac and cheese or mashed potatoes and gravy are called “comfort foods” for a reason. They seem to relive the sensation of worry. The feeling of relief is only temporary. Food can’t make what’s upsetting one go away. If you find yourself reaching for creamy food, try taking a warm bath intend. While you’re at it, light some candles and turn on some mellow music. Relaxation might be just the cure for what’s bothering you.
• Caffeine: When you find yourself reaching for a great, big cup of coffee or caffeinated, sugary soda, if might not be an indication of true fatigue. You may be dehydrated. When you’re thirsty, what your body needs is water!
• Carbs: Sometimes carb cravings come from actual low blood sugar. Although, much of the time they arise when one has attempted to eliminate carbs entirely. In moderation, most food is okay. If you find you want a bowl of pasta, try cutting the portion in half. Fill the other half with low caloric, veggies. You’ll satisfy the urge without adding too many calories.


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