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Ultimate Stress Relief Kit: Toys, Supplements, and Gifts for Better Stress Relief Care Packages

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written by Lauren Curl on June 29, 2022. Medical Data sourced from PubMed.

Stress Relief

Let's face it, stress is a part of everyone's lives. Whether it is the stress of work life, stress of parenthood, or even stress from day to day regular activities - we've all got it, we are all learning how to deal with it, and we are all looking for solutions. 

There are different triggers that can lead to stress, as well as different reactions when stressed out. Some of us get angry, while others simply shut down. There are even some people who get triggered by stress that they make themselves physically ill. 

When stress is present, it can actually consume your body's ingredients like your vitamin B levels. Stress can lower the B Vitamin levels which will leave us feeling fatigued and depleted. 

When you feel like you're going to succumb to stress, or maybe you're already there and that is why you went searching for this article, here is our recommendation for the ultimate stress relief kit that everyone needs to own. 



Stress Relief B Complex

Let us talk about the relationship between Vitamin B12 and stress. Vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions. (1)

High levels of stress can deplete your body of its B vitamins. These B vitamins are essential for the nervous and circulatory systems. 

It can also reduce the absorption of nutrients in your system from the foods you eat and the supplements you take.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can hinder the ability to manage stress and can manifest in the body physically and mentally in the following ways:

  • Loss of balance and trouble walking
  • Tingling sensations or numbness in hands, legs or feet
  • Memory loss or cognitive difficulties
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Paranoia and delusions
  • Incontinence
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Jaundice


Stress Relief Supplements

Burnout is an all too common story. Stress Away is here to lift you back up with what you need to restore and replenish: a robust Vitamin B complex that includes nutrients like Choline, PABA, and Inositol as well as Vitamin C and Zinc for adrenal support. Feel more confident dealing with life’s physical and mental stress.

Stress Away Ingredient Breakdown

  • B1 thiamine: may help support the nervous system and stabilize mood
  • B2 Riboflavin: may help metabolize fats and carbohydrates while regulating mood and energy
  • B3 niacin: may help control blood sugar levels, stabilize mood, and strengthen nerve health
  • B5 pantothenic acid: may help regulate your production of the stress hormone cortisol when you’re under chronic stress.
  • B6 pyridoxine: may help support adrenal function, immune system during times of stress, and neurotransmitters known to be mood-boosters
  • B7 Biotin: may help maintain a steady blood sugar levels
  • B8 Inositol: may help with stimulating the production of the "feel-good" hormones serotonin and dopamine
  • B9 methylfolate: hels support proper brain function and improve mood
  • B10 Paba: may help darken hair by supporting melanin metabolism
  • B12 methylcobalamin: helps brain function, melatonin and serotonin production
  • Choline: may help brain development, neurotransmission, and signaling



    Stress Relief Kit

    Building up the perfect stress relief kit is easy when you know what types of things you'll need. Here are 8 handy things that we recommend using. 

    1. NB Pure Stress Away

    An absolute must in any stress relief kit. 

    • Natural stress supplement. Vegan. Non-Drowsy. 14 Vitamins and nutrients.
    • Better B complex. Has B8 Inositol and B10 PABA not in most B complexes.
    • Adrenal support. Includes Vitamin C and Zinc to help support B vitamin benefits.

    2. Stress Relief Oils

    In aromatherapy, essential oils are diffused or spritzed into the air so they can be breathed in or absorbed into the skin. Aromatherapy has been linked to many benefits, including reduced depression and anxiety, and better sleep.

    Some of the best essential oils for stress relief are:

    • Lavender. One of the main benefits of lavender is that it can calm without sedating.
    • Grapefruit. Grapefruit essential oil helps everything from reducing blood pressure and providing stress relief to treating and protecting your skin.
    • Eucalyptus. A fan favorite for it's minty relief.
    • Sandalwood. It can alleviate headaches, migraines, or mental fogginess and improve sleep quality, in addition to a range of other health benefits.
    • Jasmine. Jasmine's scent directly impacts a brain/central nervous system chemical known as GABA, which results in the calming of the nerves, a soothing of anxiety/mild depression, and the facilitating of rest.


    3. Stress Relief Toys

    • Scalp Massager. A 2016 study found that a 15 or 25 minute scalp massage can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure in women. 
    • Stress Balls. When you squeeze a stress ball, your nerves and muscles stimulate and contract which makes them stronger. The strength improves the overall nervous system, which reduces essential hormones and can control your stress levels.
    • Fidget Spinners. The makers of fidget spinners claim gains in increased concentration for those with ADHD, and autism spectrum issues, and relief from stress, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. 
    • Coloring Books. These help to take our minds away from what is causing us stress to allow us to concentrate elsewhere for the moment. The relief of stress comes from distraction from the cause of stress. 


    4. Stress Relief Activites

    • Stress Relief Exercises. Something like the practice of yoga can help alleviate stress. 
    • Do Something Tactile. Pop some bubble wrap! Who wouldn't love a little bubble wrap in their stress relief kit?
    • Stress Relief Massage. Get a massage with stress relief in mind. 
    • Give Yourself a Discrete Task. Some people find it helpful to organize something small like their closet to help with stress relief. Try doing a crossword puzzle, or organizing your shoe bin to help with that reduction of stress. 
    • Dance. When the body feels good, the mind feels good too. Any type of physical activity can release neurotransmitters and endorphins which serve to alleviate stress. Create a good vibes playlist on your music streaming service for when you're ready to shake your booty. 
    • Take a Bath. In your stress relief kit, include things like bath bombs, bath Epsom salts, bath pillows, and even loofahs. 
    • Knitting. Because of it's repetition and quietness, knitting has been shown to decrease stress levels and lower blood pressure. 
    • Have Sex. During sex your body releases endorphins and oxytocin, and these feel-good hormones create feelings of relaxation and intimacy, as well as helping to stave off anxiety and depression.



    5. Stress Relief Gifts / Stress Relief Care Packages

    Gifting someone a stress relief gift or stress relief care package is a huge win.

    Everyone deals with stress so you know that it will be a gift that keeps giving. Prepare a basket or gift bag with the things listed above for anyone on your gift list.


    The Wrap Up 

    Although there are many ways to reduce stress on your own, it’s important to get help when you need it.

    If you’re experiencing overwhelming stress or symptoms of anxiety and depression, consider making an appointment with a therapist or visiting a trusted healthcare professional to discuss ways to improve your mental health.