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The Importance of Loving Yourself

  • 2 min read

Candy hearts, Cupid and chocolate - just a few signs that nearly all of your friends, family and coworkers just celebrated Valentine's Day. But what if you're single? Or what if your relationship is on the rocks? What if you kind of hate the idea of love at the moment?

Maybe it's a matter of perspective. If you're not ready to love others, you can start by taking care of yourself.

Really. When was the last time you started a new hobby or dove into learning something new? When was the last time you challenged your routine or mixed up your diet.

It's time to love yourself, and here are a few ways to begin.

Feed the soul, starve the ego
Most people eat out of urgency, craving or convenience. We say it's time to formulate a new approach. What you eat and how you eat has a profound impact on your day-to-day and long term health.

Try meal prepping for a change. Plan and plot out a week's worth of healthy meals that you can eat for lunch or dinner. It's an easy alternative to the workplace snack pantry binge or another fast food drive-thru. 

If that's still a challenge, try a healthy meal replacement   Just toss your favorite powder in a blender or shaker and you're ready to go. Simple as that. And trust us, with all the flavors available, there's sure to be one you'll love.

Go ahead and treat yourself.

Nurture the mind
Put good in and greatness comes out. Find a book or podcast you love and meditate on its teachings. There's arguably no better way to breathe intellectual goodness into your life. 

Love art? Great, check out a guidebook. Love travel? Wonderful, research that city you've always dreamed of visiting.

As you nurture your mind with positive thoughts and deeper thinking, you'll start to see the world in a brighter light.

Set a goal and destroy it
A little victory brings a lot of momentum. Step that up a notch and obliterate a challenge or goal that's held you back. Don't just achieve it, destroy it.

If you want to gain a little hop in your step, this is the way. You'll gain self confidence, discover you're stronger than you ever thought possible, and people will notice how far you've come. Whether it's setting a new PR in the gym, cutting out soda once and for all, beating that friend at the next 5k or filing your taxes months in advance, progress feels great. 

And believe us, we know you're capable!

Change your story
While all of the recommendations above are sound, this is one of the most important hands down. If there's a chapter of your life that casts a shadow everywhere you go, embrace a new chapter. Love yourself enough to create a new story. Build something you love. Become the person you dreamed you'd be. It starts with an idea and then a step.

As you learn to love yourself you become infinitely more ready to give yourself to another.