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Iron Deficiency Anemia is a very common health challenge amongst people across the globe. The best way to figure out treatment options or if you have it is to speak to a medical professional. Testing is easy. Treatment can be as low maintenance as adding an iron supplement into your daily vitamin regime. If the iron supplement causes constipation, add a fiber supplement and you'll be good to go. 
The health of your GI system goes above and beyond an upset stomach. Your GI is responsible for digesting food, absorbing nutrients, maintaining all the good bacteria levels, celebrating proper mucus sensitivity and it even helps with your overall immune support. Your GI is even helpful in serotonin production and other nervous system actions. We’ve narrowed down our gut products to help create the ultimate trio of products to help you get and maintain a healthy gut. We believe that these three products will help you the most effectively when used together. 

vitamin D versus Vitamin C a comparison story. Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin, strengthens your skin, bones, and natural defenses, helps facilitate a normal immune system. Vitamin C: Can help ward off infections, helps boost absorption of other nutrients, fights free radical damage. Both: both are needed, safeguards our health and boosts immunity


It is vital to include vitamins and minerals in your diet and lifestyle. They help you fight off diseases and stay healthy. When we discuss the most helpful vitamins with doctors, Vitamin D and Vitamin C are often at the top of the list. Both vitamins are helpful for the human body. So what makes them so special? Vitamin C and Vitamin D are both illness fighting nutrients. They help safeguard your health and your immunity. We decided to compare the two. At some point, I'm sure you also wondered what make these two vitamins helpful and which one provides more benefits. Which one does a better job at keeping the infections away?

Let's get to the point, although both vitamins are important and do their own things individually, it's important to not be deficient in any of these. What happens if you're deficient in either of these? For a vitamin D deficiency, the signs are often subtle. Some symptoms include fatigue, increased frequency of colds and infections, mood swings, muscle pain, and many more. What about Vitamin C? A vitamin C deficiency looks a bit like this: rough bumpy skin, corkscrew shaped body hair, bright red hair follicles, spoon shaped fingernails, dry + damaged skin, easy bruising, painful joints, and others. 

So, let's discuss - what do these two supplements do?

Vitamin C has strength in fighting free radical damages, it gets rid of toxins, and promotes cellular function. It can also help boost absorptions of other nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, iron, folate, and vitamin D. 

Vitamin D, on the other hand, is the sunshine vitamin. It can strengthen your bones, your skin, and your natural defenses. 

When we look at the two side by side, which boosts immunity in a better way? The popular opinion would say Vitamin C, but studies have shown that it is actually vitamin D. It does a better job in going up against viruses and germs. Vitamin C is still purposeful in immunity boosting, but it can not be your only bet. 

When you're gearing up to pick up your supplements, consider getting them both. They both work well together and together, they fight off infections and viruses best as a team.  

Here is our recommendation for Vitamin D: NB Pure D3 Spray

Here is our recommendation for Vitamin C: NB Pure Zinc Up+ Spray.



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