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It's 2021, we don't all have time to make pie. But what we do have time for - are these quick Apple Pie Energy Bites. Once these energy balls are made and ready to be eaten, they won't stay in the fridge for longer than a day before they're eaten. This recipe is a family favorite. The recipe takes about 5 minutes to make. It's made with simple ingredients that can be found at the grocery store or online. This recipe also makes around 12 protein balls. It contains rolled oats and quick oats, honey, nut butter, maple syrup for sweetness, an amazing protein powder that has digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics built right into it, some apple sauce, and cinnamon.
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Coffee and Protein? Just give it to me right now.

You read that right. I have combined my super love of coffee with my super love of protein and made the perfect shake to give anyone who drinks coffee. This is a nice bit of energy and will help to fuel those protein needs. 

To be honest, I'm shocked I had not done this sooner. Coffee is always helpful in getting my day started and for an afternoon pick me up. Not to mention, I could always use the protein.

This tastes better than my normal frozen or cold coffee that I get from a coffee shop and the best part was that it had protein in it. It kept me full for a quite a long time too!

Can practicing yoga affect mental and physical health? It absolutely can. This article dives into 15 health benefits of yoga.
Can we take a moment to just say thank you to our livers? Dang, they really do a TON of work for our health so let's just give it up to them. It is the workhorse of your digestive system and, woah does it work hard. A liver is the size of a football and it's the second largest organ of your body (the first being the skin). More impressive than it's size, is it's functionality. Did you know that it does 500 jobs to keep the body healthy? FIVE HUNDRED. Yeah, this 3 pound organ is definitely an MVP candidate. The most important of the jobs are all metabolic. Everything that you consume, your liver filters it and decides what to do with it.