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Stay The Course: New You Resolutions Rally

  • 2 min read

You're two weeks into 2018. Are you making progress? Are you staying the course on all of those big dreams, new habits and personal goals?

Or have you gone astray? 

Focus. Dig deeper. Remember why you started. Don't let a little hiccup or an off day throw your entire program off its rails. You deserve this. You can do whatever you set your mind to. You're worth it. Remember that an object in motion stays in motion (here's looking at those fitness goals) and an object at rest stays at rest. Remember that the harder you fall, the higher you can bounce back. Remember that results don't usually happen on one great day or one off day, they're a product of dedication and application over time.

So you missed the gym once? You had a cheat meal? You cut some corners?

Don't let a moment of weakness or temptation tarnish the progress you've made. Show that challenge who's boss. Look in the mirror and reset the story in your mind. You're not a failure. You're strong. You won't give up. You might stumble, but you don't stay down. This is the year you show up. This is the year that you fight for those aspirations. This is the year that you win.

Up to 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February according to recent studies. But here's our hunch - most people quit outright the second they encounter the first big hurdle. You get sick after two weeks of a solid workout routine and you don't make it back. That business trip interrupts the meal plan you had in place or a hard day has you reaching for that vice. That'd be like every emerging baseball player retiring the first time they struck out or a gymnast questioning if she had what it takes to compete after a stumble on a brand new trick. These things take time, conditioning and perseverance. Chances are, your road to progress will not be defined by perfection. So rather than chalk the whole month up as a loss, prepare your mind and body for how you'll keep your eyes on the prize. 

No matter where you are on your journey, treat every new day like a new year. Sure there's collective excitement and chatter about redefining our personal and communal worlds at the turn of a new calendar, but the reality is that you have the power to change your life any day of the week if you just decide. So here's to readers who've kept their resolutions, readers who started and stopped, and even readers who are yet to begin. The challenge is the same to you all. No matter how today may have gone, decide that the next new day is your day to live the life you love.