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Men's Health: What Guys Need to Know

  • 3 min read

June was officially Men's Health Month according to the Congressional health education program. Perhaps the timing has something to do with the hunt for a killer summer bod. Perhaps it makes perfect sense tying it to Father's Day. Or maybe it's just important that society takes a season to remember that health and wellness should be a priority for all.

Whether you're the kind of guy who worships the gym, tries to squeeze in exercise between the work commute and family time, haven't broken a sweat in weeks or anything in between, there's always the opportunity to reset and recommit to your personal health. You deserve to look and feel your best. Your loved ones want it for you. Your career demands it of you. So keep it important this month and every month that follows.

Here's what you need to know to help heighten awareness around preventable health problems, how to detect early symptoms of treatable diseases and more!

Mental Health for Men
Deadlines, bosses, parenting, yard work, bills and all the other stuff life throws your way can really take a toll on your mental health. While it's quite the extreme generalization, a lot of guys really try to internalize it all and the side effects can really put a damper on mental health for men. When guys bottle up all that stress it translates into anxiety, frustration, white noise and tons of negative health factors.

If you're reading this and haven't given yourself the luxury of a mental health day in the recent past, consider scheduling one. It's vital that the man of the house gets some alone time to decompress and recharge. It's important that you spend time outdoors, in the fresh air, doing your hobbies from time to time. After all, sometimes clocking out helps you clock back in better, stronger and faster than ever.

And don't be afraid to enlist in professional help if you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. There are plenty of trained experts ready to help you strengthen your mental fortitude, process through any challenges and come out the other side better than ever! Pursuing your own health is not a weakness, but one of life's greatest strengths. Never forget that!

Emotional Health in Men
It may sound calloused, but even tough guys need to address their emotional health. Like mental health, emotional stability and stamina can be the difference between feeling down and out all the time versus crushing it. Don't let emotional baggage, current or past trauma, or daily stresses keep you out of the game. Here are some things that can help you maintain balanced emotions in any season of life:
  • Find a mentor you can talk to
  • Start a morning routine to document things you're grateful for
  • Forgive yourself of past wrongs
  • Set weekly, monthly and yearly personal goals
  • Join a team, group or community
  • Serve and volunteer
  • Rest

Men's Physical Health
This brings us to the topic that most guys feel they've got the best grip on whether it's a reality or not. Yes, physical health includes routine exercise. But it also includes personal checks and daily habits that can prolong your life. 

While we won't speak to the specifics of doctor visits and checkups, it's highly encouraged that you find a professional you trust who can examine your family history, monitor your current health and guide you into the future. Many diseases and physical factors can be treated if they're caught early, so stomach your pride and visit a professional to ensure you have the support you need.

From a daily perspective, remember all the truths you learned as a kid. It's stillimportant that you diversify your diet with all the basic food groups. Take your daily vitamins and nutrients. It's still important that you keep your cravings and binge eating under control, and as you age, stretching and physical exertion remain very important to your well being. These are common truths because they work! Your workouts may vary and your weight may fluctuate throughout the years as your metabolism and lifestyle changes, but you can and should have the confidence that self-discipline and hard work will always empower you.

Never forget that you are an incredible man, capable of great things, filled with unique talents and surrounded by beautiful people. And these are all the more reason to keep your health a priority this month and the next.