As with most lifestyles, there are many misconceptions that surround the vegan community. Often, it’s total misunderstanding and an opportunity to educate. And sometimes it’s an invitation to explore the benefits even further.

Here at Nutritional Brands, we’re proud providers of an entirely vegan line of healthcare products that empower vegan customers. And we figured it’d be a great time to come alongside them and highlight some of the biggest vegan myths out there.

Follow along as we highlight a few below!

It’s too hard to eat vegan

While it certainly requires a level of self awareness and dedication, a vegan lifestyle is more accessible than ever before. Many restaurants and grocery stores cater to vegan customers and readily prepare animal-fee options.

Only vegans need supplements

While vegans need to be especially cognizant of their nutritional intake and balance, the notion that only vegans need supplements couldn’t be further from the truth. Many individuals from all walks of life can and do benefit from nutritional supplements that make up for dietary deficiencies. There are many factors that may influence this reality including diet, habits, genetics and beyond.

Vegan meals are so cliche

Many people think of vegans and probably picture a plate with some leafy greens and little else. The truth of the matter is that vegan chefs are some of the most creative out there, blending raw ingredients that adhere to their lifestyle but mimic non-vegan staples. There’s vegan mac and cheese, vegan cakes, and more.

Vegans simply aren’t healthy

On the contrary, vegans are typically known for superb health. Yes, they must monitor their nutritional intake to make sure they’re consuming essentials, but many vegans take pride in the fact they are consuming natural, unaltered ingredients unlike the majority of the public which consumes artificial this and that in most every meal. Nowadays, many professional runners, boxers and other athletes are exploring a vegan lifestyle for its many benefits.

Vegans need milk

If you’re basing this argument on the subject of calcium, consider that broccoli and other greens are packed full of it.

Vegans never get enough protein

Between pea protein powders, broccoli, soybeans and lentils, vegan food is packed full of protein. Understandably, most individuals were raised with the association that meat is synonymous with protein, but protein is a staple component of many vegan ingredients.

We support our vegan friends and we’d love to hear from them! Tell us in the comments below – what myths have you heard and how do you respond?