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20 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

  • 2 min read
We spend a lot of time, effort and money pouring into the other things and people we love all year. We pamper our partners, treat the kids, spoil the pup, shower encouragement and validation on friends and even lift up co-workers. And while none of that is even remotely bad, the reality is that many of us neglect to return the same love to the person we see in the mirror.

That's a huge concern and here's why.

Loving yourself boosts self-confidence. It sparks excitement in the mundane moments of the day. It helps us see a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how grim some days may get from time to time. Loving yourself elicits the best version of yourself that you can find as often as possible. And frankly, loving yourself just makes life more fun.

That's why we're taking a different angle on this holiday to encourage readers to be their own Valentine this go. Here are 20 thoughts, mantras and challenges to guide you into a deeper appreciation of who you already are and who you'll undoubtedly become!

1) Never forget where you started. You've made so much progress already.

2) Remember that you're always stronger than you give yourself credit for.

3) Embrace your quirks and passions. There will never be another you.

4) Be grateful for the challenges that stand before you. They're fuel for the future.

5) Claim the impact that you impart on those around you.

6) Celebrate the wisdom you've obtained along your journey, recognizing your experience and curiosity has profound value.

7) Sense your inner and outer beauty, drowning out insecurity, and focusing on the aspects you adore.

8) Remove one thing that drags you down and replace it with two that fill you up.

9) Accept that nothing has to be concrete. You possess the power to choose and the chance to change at any moment.

10) Channel your breath and the sun on your face. Your life is a vital part of something incredibly beautiful.

11) Orchestrate upcoming experiences, events and gatherings that excite and empower you. Put them on the calendar and make them a reality.

12) Pamper yourself with a meal, massage or makeover.

13) Reflect on the love and thanksgiving that is already sent your way.

14) Set your eyes on your dreams and attach checkpoints for progress.

15) Revisit your responsibilities and align them with your values and beliefs.

16) Receive the gifts and fruits of those around you. Help is readily available if you choose to ask and receive.

17) Refuse to settle. You deserve the best.

18) Commit to an inner-dialogue of praise, positivity and potential. 

19) Meditate on your health, wellness and prosperity. Invite healing, growth and balance into your day.

20) Record 20 observations you have along this journey of self-love and store them somewhere special to lift you up in times of need.