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Pure Advantage Whey Advantage Chocolate

PURE ADVANTAGE WHEY ADVANTAGE Time Released Protein: You will love it. 100% guaranteed or your money back!  This is truly a great tasting, low fat, low carbohydrate protein without unwanted artificial or synthetic ingredients.  A superior source of whey protein and milk protein isolates (casein) plus 3 grams of Fiber per serving.

  • May help with weight management*
  • May increase lean body mass*
  • May increase strength*
  • May increase endurance*
  • May help increase energy levels*
  • May speed recovery time*
  • May decrease muscle catabolism*
  • May help regulate insulin levels*
  • May help support immune system*
  • May support Bone health*
  • May promote healthy joint function*
  • May supports healthy digestive system*
  • May helps control cholesterol levels*
  • May help increase weight (fat) loss*
  • Soy Free and  Gluten Free*
  • Ideal for those who are lactose intolerant*
  • Mixed instantly, taste great*
  • Quick and convenient*

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tebogo Van Zyl
One of the better tasting protein powders

In my humble opinion, this is one of the better tasting vanilla protein powders with a higher protein to calorie ratio than a lot of them. They ship APO to Afghanistan pretty quickly also!

Meredith Hodkiewicz
Best Natural Whey Powder I Have Found

Must have tried at least 10 whey poweders before this one including all the major natural brands. This is the best I have found because: - produced using natural chemical free processes - no artificial sweeteners (Aspartame free), uses stevia - NO SOY (nearly all natural powders still use soy lecithin) - gentle on the stomach - mixes easily and nice flavour.

Lily Rice
my favorite protein powder

i love this powder. i've been using it for more than a year. i tried a few all-natural, stevia sweetened powders at my health food store, and they all tasted like crap...except this one. my store stopped carrying it, so i have to order it or drive across town to get it. and it's still worth it to me. it's a smooth, palatable flavor. i tried all the flavors except mint chocolate. they don't have a strong flavor, but i'm picky with taste. for an all natural protein powder i like it alot. i'm devoted to it, so far.