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Organic Aloe Vera

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Alycia Skiles
Great product

Used in conjunction with MagO7 and ABC fiber. I have amazing results. Aerobic Life has superb cleansing products. It is the best cleanse for me no doubt. Getting ready to order now for a 10 day spring cleanse.

Organic Aloe Vera Capsules FAQ

Polysaccharides are what give the plant some of its most potent benefits. Ours is harvested from organic inner leaf, where the most bioavailable polysaccharides are found. While other brands may claim to do the same thing, most don’t guarantee 10% polysaccharide retention.

Mucopolysaccharides may help to bind moisture into the skin. It may stimulate fibroblast which produces collagen and elastin fibers in skin. It may also help flaking skin cells stick together, softening skin and as an astringent to tighten pores, even when taken orally.

While it isn’t directly used for hair care, there is some evidence that suggests it may help grow new hair follicles by helping to regulate rich blood supply to the roots

Recent research suggests that it may be effective at reducing reflux symptoms because it may work by reducing acid production and may help promote a healthy inflammatory response.

If you’re researching the plant, you might see the term aloe barbadensis. This is just the technical botanical for the type of plant we use! There are many plant types, but barbadensis is what you’ll find in most supplements and gels. And ours is organic!

It isn’t a weight loss supplement. However, there is some evidence that it may modestly reduce fat mass in adults who are overweight. Again, while it may help support healthy weight management, the direct effects to weight and fat loss are minor, and it shouldn’t be considered a weight loss supplement.

When used as suggested, it should have few, if any, side effects. Rarely, it may be a mild laxative that causes you to go to the bathroom. Also, if you take certain medications, are over 65, have heart, liver, or kidney disease, or are pregnant, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider.