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Frequently Asked Questions

Parasite cleanses come in many forms but most are meant to help eliminate parasites and unwanted toxic organisms from the body. Paraend is a 15 day parasite cleanse with botanicals and minerals. A parasite detox will also try to support your body’s processes for dealing with parasite waste.

Removing digestive parasites may help you get more nutrients from your food, improve immune health, and help good gut bacteria thrive. Paraend features botanicals and minerals used commonly for parasite cleanses. Ask your healthcare provider if a natural parasite cleanse makes sense for you.

There are many different things marketed as ‘parasite cleanses’. Some involve intense diets, juices, teas, laxatives, and even habit forming ingredients. When taken as suggested, paraend should have few side effects. Ask your healthcare provider if paraend fits into your existing supplements and medications.

Trick question! The best kit may be no kit at all! Many cleanses have multiple stages featuring different pills or requiring specific diet changes. Paraend is 1 stage with 1 pill type for 15 days, no kit required. It may be much more convenient than kits that rely on precise timing of steps.

Everyone is unique, but there are signs you may be ridding your body of a parasite. Often you may experience improvements in digestive and immune system health and an increase in overall mood. A healthcare provider can help you monitor the progress of your infection most accurately.

Everyone’s health is different and it’s important to know that toxic organism infections are serious! Left untreated, some organisms can cause serious harm to all your organs. Properly dealing with parasites can be life changing and it’s important that you consult with your healthcare professional about all options!

There are many different types of toxic organisms that may invade your digestive system. Worse yet, how to best deal with organisms may change as they age and develop. By combining botanicals, paraend may help eliminate a variety of organisms at different stages of development.

The botanicals in paraend provide natural chemicals against toxic organisms. Diatomaceous Earth is a food grade mineral that moves through the digestive tract and physical scrubs away organisms. The mineral may dry out organism exoskeletons and fine mineral edges may speed up the process.

As with people over 65, or those with heart, liver, or kidney disease, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or under 18. Everyone’s health is unique. The ingredients in paraend have been used safely for decades and your healthcare provider can best evaluate its use for you.