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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amir Banik
A must have!

A must have for cold and flus season. Start immediately upon symptoms. Great product!

Claudine Dietrich
Great product

I used onset when I began to have symptoms of a cold. The capsules were easy to swallow and gave just what I needed to begin to feel better.

Marlon Predovic
Worked great!

Took at the first sign of a cold and after 24 hours the start of my cold was gone. Worked great!

Waino Gulgowski
Something new!

I love it!

Owais Ravi
The best hands down!

Works like a charm

OnSet Immunity Boost FAQ

Every person is different and everyone’s health circumstances are different. We believe that an immunity booster should understand and support the different layers of the immune system - from physical barriers on the outside, to the immediate response of the innate system, to the secondary response from the adaptive system. All parts must function together to help you conquer illness.

The immune system is complicated and has many layers of functions from the barriers on the outside, to the innate first line response, and finally the adaptive secondary response. Adaptogens, Antioxidants and botanicals that promote healthy immunomodulation and stimulation may help all of those different layers work their best.

Many supplements are only focused on vitamins and minerals. While these nutrients are absolutely important, they are not the only way to regulate or stimulate immune function. Botanicals, with their variety of active compounds, can really help take your response to the next level.

Onset is definitely meant to be taken at the first signs of symptoms. We have a daily support product, immune+, that is meant to be taken before symptoms as a form of maintenance. However, with both products the answer is simple: it pays to be proactive about immune system health, even if you are not currently sick.

Onset is a simple protocol lasting 5 days from the start of symptoms. While it’s true that you can discontinue use if symptoms resolve, we recommend finishing the full 5 days for a better response.