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The 10 Rules of Cleansing


Now that we’re on the cusp of the New Year, it’s prime time to think about getting into shape. Whether you’re hitting the gym more or switching up your diet, a cleanse might be a good starting point for your body!

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Going on a cleanse can be a little tricky if you’re a first timer, so to help you thrive when going on a New Year cleanse, we’ve put together 10 rules to follow to avoid quitting 12 hours in.


1. Don’t set yourself up for failure
If you are a first timer don’t go for a juice cleanse or the lemonade diet that restricts food.  Choose a cleanse that allows you to continue eating a healthy raw diet.  The idea of a cleanse is the eliminate the body of toxins not to restrict food!  Try our Aerobic Life 10 day cleanse, this power cleanse helps to removed toxin build up in the digestive tract!
2. Mentally prepare yourself
Starting a cleanse is just as much mental as it is physical, and your body wont go where your mind won’t let it!  If your mind isn’t in the right spot, your body will likely follow. A few days before you’re set to start your cleanse start to think about the positive effects and prepare yourself to eat a healthy diet!
3. Prepare yourself for side effects
While detoxing you may notice some side effects like headaches or nausea during the first few days.  This is totally normal as your body is ridding itself of toxins. Take some extra time to rest if you feel these symptoms coming and remember not to give up!
4. Clean out your pantry
Before you start cleansing eliminate any temptations from the kitchen! It’s hard enough to stay on track but seeing tempting and not so healthy snacks in the pantry is going to make it much harder.  Stock up on healthy snacks like and fruit and veggies that are easy to grab!
5. Drink lots of water
On average you should be drinking about 8 glasses of water per day, but during the cleanse up your intake to about 2 liters per day!  This will help your body to clear out those toxins and will also keep you feeling hydrated and less lethargic.
6. Stay rested
During your cleanse you will want to try your best to reserve your energy, especially during the first few days.  Try to limit those long workdays and save the marathon running until the cleanse is finished! Also, make sure to get enough sleep, this is the time for your body to heal and rebuild!
7. Don’t over do it
While on your cleanse its important not to over do it!  Try to stick to yoga or light cardio.  You want to stay active while on the cleanse to keep your system moving but not wear yourself out.
8. Keep busy
Stay busy while on your cleanse!  Often times snacking comes from boredom not hunger!  Eliminate excess down time, go for a walk, an easy bike ride or spend time in the yard.  This way the bored stomach pangs wont lead you to the kitchen!
 9. Keep stress levels low
Often times stress is what leads us to binge eating and relentless snacking, so make sure to start your cleanse when you know your stress levels will be low.  A weekend is always a good time to start to allow more time for relaxation.
10. Don’t run back to greasy foods
You just spent a week or more cleaning out your system and as tempting as a slice of that deep dish pizza may sound jumping back into eating greasy foods will just throw your system out of whack!  Hopefully after all your hard work processed foods wont even sound good!

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