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4 of the Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies and Why You Should Care

If you pay any attention to the headlines you’ve likely heard of excess sugars, saturated fats and all the things that plague the modern diet. And while there’s truth to it all, the flip side of that coin is that while some nutrients are at dangerous highs, there are a handful of nutrients that most people are severely lacking.

Here are the some of the Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies and Why You Should Care:

…but before we go on, keep the faith. We have natural supplements that can help you on your path to wellness.

  1. Vitamin D: a lack of Vitamin D compromises bone health, may lead to bouts of depression, fatigue and more. And with many of us spending more time indoors and less time absorbing sensible sunlight, the number of Vitamin D deficient individuals is on the rise.
  2. Calcium: it was probably drilled into you as a kid, but calcium from dairy products and leafy greens and more is essential to long term bone health.
  3. Vitamin B12: responsible for natural energy, improved focus and sustained memory, there’s many reasons why you ought to prioritize this nutrient in your daily diet. And if you’re not getting proper amounts from fish, chicken or fortified breakfast cereals, make sure you’re supplementing with a B12 spray. You might just kick the coffee and fall in love with this little “miracle vitamin”.
  4. Magnesium: if you’re prescribed lots of medications or consume high volumes of alcohol, you might be lacking this crucial component. Magnesium is central to 300+ reactions in the body imperative to immune function, heart function and energy production. MagO7 features our proprietary blend of Magnesium and Oxygen which helps rid your body of digestive waste to improve nutrient absorption and more. If you’re looking to introduce more Magnesium to your well-rounded diet and are ready to embrace a personal cleanse, consider this natural supplement today!

Don’t become another statistic. Take a stand for your personal wellness. Assess your diet and pursue foods, natural supplements and habits that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

We’d love to be your partner in progress!